Wednesday , September 28 2022

Rafael Di Zeo and Mauro Martín Boca received the greetings


The bus that arrived at the Boca campus at the Ezeiza airport last night crossed the Lezama park. There Xeneize fans gathered on Sunday, in Madrid, who will play the Cup semifinals. They were the referees They attracted two attention.

Rafael Di Zeo and Mauro Martín, The historical Baroque La Sweet, sponsored the team of true fans, at the Santiago Bernabéu football stadium, to obtain the largest continental encounter.

Then, the supporters had their team pass and determined to the Superclassic for the events that were recorded around the stadium. Both bars took the scene.

Di Zeo weighs the right to accept it in April of 2017, so the Argentine stadiums can not enter. Yes, he showed himself several times around the stadiums, organizing followers, but not overcoming the controls.

But this time, there was no other bar that could be Santiago Bernabéu. The Spanish authorities, along with Guillermo Madero, with the Safe Tribune Program in Argentina, and especially those who have collaborated, will enjoy the Superfinal.

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