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Rare Earth | What is a trade war hiding …

In Geopolitics, what is happening is strange. This is especially true in the search of a "war" under a trade war record to offset the enormous annual deficit of the US trade balance, that is, China. " The Washington real-world warfare assault engine can only be understood in China through the Administration's latest prism report, in the industrial defense base.

Frederick William Engdahl is a strategic risk adviser and German teacher in Germany. A year ago, a year ago, the work of a special group led by the executive executive of the United States Executive is a detailed analysis of the sufficiency or inadequacy of the industrial supply chain that supplies essential elements of the supply. United States armed forces

In the version of the report declarations, there are 300 weaknesses or gaps in 300 national industrial base military bases. It shows with great detail that the national economy is the key element of national defense that can not be the basic elements of today's globalization and industrial outsourcing. Determines the dramatic shortage of skilled workers, such as machining, welding and engineering. Useful tools for machine tools are imported, most of them from Germany, Washington has no good contacts today. The major suppliers of major sub-divisions are specialized from one single source, many of which have occurred in recent quarters in the United States.

The defense industries depend on China almost all its strange land lands, as it is known as a set of rare metals that are essential for the different technological applications of the military industry. Since the 1980s, domestic metal mining in the United States has almost dismantled economic reasons, suppliers have sought to find cheaper sources in China. Currently, 81 per cent of the land's rare earthquakes, including military equipment, superconductors, smart phones and other advanced technology applications come from China.

The report says, in many cases, the only producer of critical material remains in the United States and imports small-cost materials in the same foreign producer, excluding domestic production.

Potential worrying potentials are due to the dependence of single source propellers for boat helmets, such as cannon towers, rocket fuel and infrared detectors. missile defense, among others.

The report is the most comprehensive critical point of view of the military industry in the early 1950's of the Cold War. US U.S. Navy companies block confidence in subcontracted key components in China, the biggest strategic threat to the United States.

Today, Asia produces 90 percent of the world's printed circuits, and half are made in China. Regardless of the fact that China's suppliers of rare earthly terrain are virtually confident, the Department of Defense is hiring its arms with the largest consortia, and at the same time outsource the supply chain to the most efficient ones, often in China.

The United States defense industry is said to be a Chinese producer, due to its percentage of rare earthly material. A report from the Government Office of the 2016 Account Office analyzed the topic of national security.

The main conclusion to the report is: "China is a great and growing risk of supplying strategic and critical materials to the United States for national security." This also explains the fact that the Chinese anti-war trade bloc against Shantou City is pushing to prevent China in 2025, and plans to dominate advanced technologies in China over the next few years. in decades.

According to the report, "China's strangest market-stricken market shows a potentially dangerous interaction between China's economic aggression, guided by strategic, industrial weaknesses and gaps in US industrial manufacturing and defense bases."

* Information Latin America (ALAI).

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