Monday , October 18 2021

Raul Othace, after domestic violence, "is a message of Mafia and is a political leader"


As Othacehe himself has said, there was no isolated insulation on Thursday morning, it was insecure and directed against the current mayor, Gustavo Menéndez. "It is very likely that this is a political message and is responsible here"he said.

Five male armed Hoods came up with four children and one of their daughters when they entered San Antonio de Padua into a town in the west of Buenos Aires.

They fought in the battle and village and near Othaceen people. As a result of this armed confrontation, a person was seriously injured and moved to the hospital of Eva Perón.

"It was a political attack, it was a procedure that could be us. Top leadership is a mafia message", has been accused of leading and has accused Menéndez directly:"There is a political and institutional head of the mayor of Merlo".

Othacee was named one of the "Conurbano Barones", one of the prime ministers of Merlo between 1991 and 2015. Fifty-six times he was again chosen, Menéndez was able to win.

The Peronist leader is not the first rage in his opponent. "We suffered all kinds of persecutions, but it was very brutal yesterday. The war was like attack. They came to die"he synthesized.

Othaceen said that the attackers were entering as home operators "They were very drugged".

In the last few hours you can see the Othacee son and his daughter, who had crossed with two little daughters.

Guillermo, one of the four elders of the former mayor, said to his wife "They defended themselves against the door and put the gun in their mouths". "They point out a headache"said the boy.

When the security cameras arrived at the delinquents, they went home and the moments of survival took a flight, one running and the rest in the vehicle.

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