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"Real Madrid is the best in history"

Last week, Pep did not name the Merengue team in the last decade as one of the three best teams and was dissenting in Argentina's speech.

Santiago Solari, coach Real MadridPep Guardiola replied that they have made up the team over the last decade Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and JuventusHe won four of the last four and four champions that the Madrid team has forgotten and is "the best in history".

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"Juventus, Bayern and Barcelona are the three best teams in Europe, the leagues that earn each season, the cups of the season each season and the wins of each season. We want to achieve this"said the former coach of Manchester City in the absence of Real Madrid.

A few days later, Solari appeared at the sports center in Madrid. "The debate is mandatory, but we will not fight ten years for Real Madrid's best club"he said.

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"It's the best of history and it's been the last decade ever to ever emphasize ever in any situation"Guardiola added to his message.


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