Tuesday , May 18 2021

Redmi camera Note 7: picture examples

Yesterday the Asian manufacturer introduced the release of Xiaomi Redmi 7. Well, really Redmi Note 7, because now it's an independent brand Xiaomi. One of the most prominent features is the photo section: the Redmi Note Camera 7. It has 48 megapixels, but it is a good profitability of 130 euros that costs the easiest model?

Fortunately, the Asian blog has published MyDrivers' first examples of the first issues with Redmi Note 7 to see the full potential of the new Xiaomi smartphone.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 and Honor 10 Lite comparison

Remember that Redmi Note is a double-camera doubling system of seven, the first 47-megapixel sensor with Samsung with ISOCELL GM1 technology and ½-inch size, 5 megapixel and a LED flash sensor.

Redmi Note Camera 7.

This is how Redmi Note 7 works: how amazing is the night mode

du ISOCELL technology The Korean manufacturer allows 4-color pixel data to be combined with lights to create images with a resolution of 12 megapixel resolution.

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And you can see images that you can see in this article by Xiaomi and Samsung, so that Redmi Note 7 cameras are well trapped. And night mode It has left us open in the mouth, we believe we are talking about a phone with a cost of less than 150 euros.

As you can see, the photos offer great quality noise level really lowor gets so cheap in the phone and get excellent results that exceed any user's needs. And we must say that the usual way is to achieve more than good results.

Here we can see that Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 offers some natural camera colors. Even if bokeh or defocused mode, The second sensors make the intermediate terminal more effective than the result. We only found the use of artificial intelligence.

Photo with the Redmi camera Note 7

As you can see in this double image, we see it as a 48-megapixel left-hander, with 12-megapixel on the right and artificial intelligence is activated. Here we see that AI is not forced by color and loses some details.

Poor little, considering the excellent results obtained Redmi Note Camera 7., a really high-end device in the incoming range to be a brand new company.

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