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Reject bank offices in supermarkets and service stations


November 30, 2018 – 15:44
The Banking Association has indicated the rejection of the BCRA measure in order to allow organizations to have agreements with electrical equipment chains, supermarkets or service stations, in violation of the safety and labor regulations that regulate the operation of this activity.

The Bank of the Bank stated that it was opposing the measure of the Central Bank (BCRA), with the aim of installing small branches to establish agreements with electrical appliances, supermarkets or chains of service stations, as a result of violating the safety and labor regulations.

"As opposed to the provisions of the new provisions of the Central Bank, all banks should only work in the appropriate facilities that meet the security standards required by the same risks," says the Central Bank of the Central Bank of the Central Bank, Notes by Sergio Palazzo.

The letter to the President of the BCRA, Guido Sandleris agreed with Telam, "if security is not very appropriate for financial entities, they will still be the result of a" complementary agent. "The Central Bank's provision violates 7.30 business days a day, From Monday to Friday, 5 hours of public attention.

Sergio Palazzo, The Banker owns

Palazzo eventually requires an "urgent" meeting with the bank authorities to prevent collective conflict.

The purpose of the BCRA
Communication The Central Bank for the year 6033 banks may wish to have an agreement with the commercial networks or organizations, such as service stations, supermarkets, pharmaceuticals or banks, who will be in charge of banking operations.
However, they indicated that "their corresponding responsibility" "those correspondents", including compliance with minimum standards of security, "are totally and exclusively banks".

BCRA favors those who live far away from bank branches by means of this regulation and is part of a fixed objective to "achieve a better financial inclusion.
In accordance with the regulations, it also determines the conditions of the corresponding bank correspondents, and clearly states that "the responsibilities of activities are in banks and that minimum standards of security are met."

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