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Removes funds from the City Council: The Government asks Horacio Rodríguez Larreta to return “the surplus given to him by Mauricio Macri”


Interior Minister Eduardo De Pedro defended the withdrawal of funds from Buenos Aires City Council after the House of Representatives approved the bill, which is due to be approved by the Senate due to changes in regulations.

“We would like the city of Buenos Aires to join the debate on a federal Argentina and start recognizing that you had the privileges you had to return for the last four years“the official said in an interview with Radio Diez.

He also stressed that the “abuse of resources” given to the Buenos Aires government by the Cambiemos administration has had an impact on the lack of infrastructure in other provinces. And he asked Prime Minister Horacio Rodríguez Larreta “Return the surplus of what Mauricio Macri has given you”.

“There are 20 works (to be done) that have the same cost as the lower promenade and these 20 works feed and root millions of Argentine women. There is a clear vision and a strong consensus that Argentina is a federal country and that regional economies need to be developed. that they are, ”the minister explained.

He highlighted the consensus generated by the organization “federal view” He again criticized the initiative of the Frente de Todos in Congress and the administration of Buenos Aires.

The House of Representatives approved the removal of funds from the City Council after a more than 18-hour marathon session.  Photo by Lucia Merle.

The House of Representatives approved the removal of funds from the City Council after an 18-hour marathon. Photo by Lucia Merle.

“Any policy proposed by the City Council with strict logic or selfish logicUnfortunately for them, the governors of the same political force will not resonate with them, “he said in connection with the vote in favor of the deputies of Córdoba.

For his part, the president of Buenos Aires announced on Tuesday that he will promote another presentation before the Supreme Court of Justice against the measures taken by the national government to remove resources from the City.

“In the face of this new attack, we will present a new lawsuit to continue advocating through the institutional mediaIt belongs to the city, ”Rodríguez Larreta said at a press conference.

And he explained that the reduction will be 12 billion more, which will have an impact on the safety of the citizens of Buenos Aires, as the rule will lead to another reduction in matters for the administration of the Municipal Police.

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