Wednesday , October 20 2021

Report: "Anaconda" and "Lockheart" would be the next Xbox names


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<p>Nothing is a secret <strong>Microsoft</strong> He is currently working on the next console; But what remains in mystery will be the format and / or model. Today, new reports have been created <strong>Xbox One</strong> They would be two versions, through which "<em>Anaconda</em>"And"<em>Lockhart</em>".</p>
<p>As reported, <em>Lockhart</em> it would be equivalent <strong>Xbox One S</strong> Next-generation console is cheaper and more affordable; On his part <em>Anaconda</em> It would be as if it were <strong>Xbox One X</strong>, that is, more expensive consoles, quality enhancement components, tremendous potential and a more enjoyable gaming experience.</p>
<p>In both cases, they both indicate <em>Lockhart</em> as <em>Anaconda</em> The systems would be reverse with games of the previous console <strong>Xbox</strong> and even SSD storage systems to increase the charging schedule. Let's say that by the end of the year ending 2020,</p>
<p>Two consoles formed the project <strong>Scarlett</strong>The following is a variant <strong>Xbox</strong> It would be distinguished by the lack of a drive reader and would be like a streamlining system.</p>
<p>Source: Windows Central</p>
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