Friday , January 22 2021

Rescue fall and fall for cataract fever for fake news

A few days ago, important national media published news stories about Puerto Iguazú's new yellow fever, sending tourism to a vacation, which was likely to contract viral infections.

Things did not cause much confusion in the spring cities, but rather led to missionaries and tourism.

The Ministry of Public Health of the Province has denied this information and stated that Misiones does not have yellow fever in humans or monkeys. The last registers are 2008.

Since 2005, the province has ordered the application of a vaccine against the disease, and 95% of the population has already been immunized. However, it maintains Public Health Prevention Recommendations, such as the use of smoking bans to prevent mosquito bites.

In the case of a vaccine, it is recalled that the most important preventative measure against fever is safe and affordable. The only dose is sufficient to protect immunity and life without giving a dose of booster dose and it must be applied within 10 to 15 days before the expected journey to obtain immunity, within a period of 99 days within a period of 30 days.

Advanced in tourism

With the summer season and the provincial tourism point of view, the fake news resulted in discomfort in the hotel industry of Puerto Iguazú and businessmen from neighboring companies. This indicated that the reservations extended several information during the day.

In the municipality of Iguaz, the secretary, Marcela González, remembered that the news was directed directly at the development of the tourist season between the most important destinations in the Argentine season. Even last week, tourists arrived in the city of Cataratas in 2016 for a million and a half.

In this sense, according to Lilian Kisiel, a local hospital programming area: "The current recommendation is one of the previous years. It is not necessary to revaccinate. At any time the vaccine has been applied, the population is already protected. Only vaccinated vaccines can only be included, a valid yellow card is international" .

In the meantime, operators expect the provincial government to speak in the national media and tourists will reverse the impact of news, and the destination is planned.

In addition, the Ministry of Tourism offers visitors security and peace of mind. On the other hand, social media, employers and journalists began an expansion campaign on social networks, hashtag #Misionesnotienefiebreamarilla.

Percentage surveys of the reserves have not yet been made, although there are eleven registered and tourist resorts registered.

No 11 year cases

The Minister of Tourism of the Provincial Missions, José María Arrúa, was the first to mention the subject and said: "As soon as a note is published on the web and some TV shows are broadcast, a journalist asked me whether it was true as a fever. Before flicking me, they communicated with the Minister of Health, Walter Villalba, who did not register for eleven years in these cases. "

"Then I read carefully the notes, and I realized that it denied. The title and video game on the television screen," Risk: Cataracts Fever Amarena ", can be read in the separation note," there is no record of cases of fevery yellow fever, other missions or currents. This clearly affects our tourism with a title.

In the end, he said: "Tourism is thinking of getting to the Misión, and it is worried, surely … who would not be worried about taking his family on vacation and would like to publish such a title a week or a month beforehand? They receive at least their attention."

Who should not be vaccinated

Contraindications and measures for receiving the yellow bird vaccine:

  • Children under 6 years old
  • Allergy history for a vaccine component: egg, chicken protein or jelly
  • HIV infection including immune system variants
  • Thymus disease
  • Myasthenia gravis, Digeorge syndrome
  • Other immunofluorescence, malignant tumors and organ transplants
  • Treatments that require immunosuppressants and / or immunomodulators
  • pregnancy

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