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Resident Evil 2 Remake goes to Leon before arriving at Raccoon City

Resident Evil 2 It is one of the games planned at the beginning of 2019. Most recent version of classic horror Capcom At the end of January, it will reach stores, with the most fascinating faces on the part of its parts and a more modest change in the original game, such as the history case. Leon S. Kennedy before arriving Raccoon City.

And since that is Capcom Recently, Leon's story background has just been published Resident Evil 2 Remake, curiously, past game of different origins. As the company has published Twitter: "New agent Leon S. Kennedy He was assigned to Raccoon Town. Before entering the service, Kennedy was waiting for his orders at home. With no one in touch, and feeling something wrong, Kennedy went to the room. A few days later, after arriving Raccoon CityHis life changed".

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Although he explains why he will explain his stories Leon It did not reach the city at the beginning of the infection, since this past was different from the original nature of the game, such as the presence of some materials Official Japanese Guide of Resident Evil 2. There, he pointed out that Leon had taken to the extreme road that he was dressed up halfway downtown, for his last break with his girlfriend. He slept slowly and lost his first job day in the police station, according to the catastrophe Raccoon City.

In fact, Hideki Kamiya has mentioned this story in a game interview. Of course, the history background is just a small change Resident Evil 2 rechargeAlthough it is a tendency to eliminate references to alcohol consumption, even when a story is reviewed, curiosities are a game aimed at the audience. In any case, if you want to know all about this new version of the game Capcomdo not miss ours Resident Evil 2 progress.

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