Wednesday , May 18 2022

Resident Evil 2 Remake is featured on other video series


Production machinery Resident Evil 2 Remake Whirlwind and cross-strait continues. Although there is more than one month of enjoying the video game, Capcom does not display images and videos. A few days ago they presented short duration clips (about 6 seconds) and now they have done it again Another video copy we offer you the following lines.

Do not shoot!

No pollution of zombies is free from heart disease, it is better to be well armed if you do not want to regret it later. On this occasion, Claire raises her hands and cries out at Leon So he does not shoot, but he does not realize that behind him a zombie is trying to make it delicious.

The notions of herbology

You can take it to your pharmacist and you can use cans or pills to buy medications, but when you are in an infected area with monsters you need to learn and learn another level. du medical plantsThey are a good option, but to make the most of them, they will know and combine their characteristics.

There's not a bit of gunpowder at all

The idea to survive zombie apocalypse, plants are not enough. Good defense is always important, but the attack will be crucial. The gunpowder can be a good accessory fill the bullets or something else to burst … well, monsters.

On the roof monsters

Zonbia creates repulsion, but nothing is prepared licker, the arachnid movement being, the long skirts of the skeleton of the face and the rocks of the police officers. Its viscous appearance, always in the air, how horrible it is.

Samurai Edge, that's not it

With that name, you need to think of a sharp katana that is capable of cutting the strongest heads. However, Samurai Edge is not a sword, but a gun. Touch draw the weapon and with them to accelerate the creatures, but be careful, because the bullets are very limited.

Resident Evil 2 Remake, on the way to development PS4, Xbox One and PCIt will be ready at the beginning of next year, especially until January 25. It's not a simple refurbishment, but it's a new version with novelties and narrative games.

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