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Reverse with the closing night | Go …

Although Acuña's 40.5 resolutions, despite the different ways of denying it, when the school was closed, the administration of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta abolished this measure. "It's a sensible struggle," UTE said.

"Yes, of course they are closed." Acuña has a long interview with journalist Nelson Castro on December 21st. Because students do not close, teachers receive paid education and young people choose one. offer. "14 It was asked about the opinion of students in affected schools, when they visited all the schools in the region, the official acknowledged that" these students "did not speak.

From that moment on, the sector's unions had a week's unemployment and warned that the Portuguese government did not invest in classes, and accused the schools that closed the government for the first time since 1983. Now, the head of the Department of Education, they admitted refusing their initiative to Rodríguez Larreta and Acuña. "We're very grateful to the educator community, to the neighbors, and he reminds us that the city wants to close the governments and schools that want to govern with the heart and heart." Lopez, however, warned that the decision is officially an election tone rather than "think over the campaign".

The repealed resolution now envisaged that the first year of 2019 would not be enrolled, and justified by the curricula of the night schools as "obsolete and outdated".

The affected schools, open until the 31st of March, were the number 1 trade number 1 Dr. Antonio Bermejo, Commercial No. 10, 1, Falkland Islands, Commercial No. 26, 1 Enrique de Vedia, Commercial No. 29 DE 3 Isaac Halperin, Commercial No. 1 of 4 Joaquín V. González, Commercial No. 29 of 7 Trade Maritime Argentina, Commercial No. 9 of 11 José Ingenieros, Commercial No. 21 of 11 Citizen Captain Hipolito Bouchard, Commercial No. 11 of 17 Dr. José Peralta, Commercial No. 12 of 21 Juan XXIII, Commercial No. 35 of 21 Leopoldo Marechal, Sup. Commercial # 3 of 7 Hipólito Vieytes, Liceo # 7 of 1 Domingo F. Sarmiento, Liceo N 8 DE 13 Esteban Echeverria, 2nd of School No. 1 Domingo F. Sarmiento, School nº 14 of 2 Juan José Paso, School No. 15 of May 2 of Revolution, School nº 7 of 3 J. Martín de Pueyrredon, Hipólito Yrigoyen School and number 11, number 15, Number 15, Guillermo Rawson.

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