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For two years since the end of the concept of original wishes had passed, Xiaomi is ready to go to Europe My blend 3.

As an integrated input channel and classic Mi Mix 8 Pro, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has a touch-separated status that Xatomi has tested. In this case you need to talk about about 10 GB RAM Camera not slip It is designed without drawing.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 data sheet

This year's year and the MWC 2019 wait will leave the first terminals with important internal news Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 The solid report we have seen several times this year in the technical report.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3


AMOLED 6.39 "2.340 x 1080, 19.5: 9

Measures and weight

15.79 x 7.47 x 0.85 cm / 218 gram


Snapdragon 845


6 GB, 8 GB or 10 GB


128 GB or 256 GB

Front camera

Dual 24 MP + 2 MP

Back camera

Dual 12 MP (f1.8) + 12 MP (f2.4)

Operating System

With Android 9 and MIUI 10


Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, dual band, BT 5.0, NFC, USB-C


3,200 mAh


The body to start the camera


In my Mix 3 case, it goes to Xiaomi RAM, where we can have 6 GB series, which can be accessed to 8 and also 10 GB version with ceramic finish. It is expected in 2019 that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 screw shaft is in line with 5G networks.

My blend 3 Box of contents

du New Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 It still has no official European price and can only be imported from $ 569. In our case, we have tested 8GB of RAM and Chinese ROM (available only in Chinese and English, without many local services and Google or Google Play store installed).

Design without frames, without front and without front camera

That is one Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 As opposed to the reader of the fingerprints, as opposed to the frames, the direct advantage of the screen advantage is achieved, with more than 93% depending on the manufacturer.

The next smartphone's identity signal will be how to design a layout without frames but with a second camera. My Mix 3 is committed to offering a real "full screen" design

At the design level, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3a The terminal is very attractive. The model we have looked at has a green finish that is striking. The glass is built, but the combination is disadvantageous a real mirror It attracts a lot of clues.

Rear glass

Visual appeals are mixed with My Mix 3 ergonomics. On the one hand, the terminal is large but manageable, and even though it is balanced, Weighing around 220 grams is noticeable over time. But what worries me about Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is that the main phone has been the curved back and the glaze finish type. in her hand very slippery. Xiaomi is not learning and repeats itself in its terminals.

It is almost imperative for me to do a case, and in addition to the adapter for the headset and the wireless charger, a sharp plastic plastic comes with a good touch. Improves grip and supports sliding screen There is no problem

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has physical volume control and, right / deactivated, height lifting, as far as lifting it, reaches a natural way of reaching a terminal of these dimensions. On the other hand, we find the power button at the same height Xiaomi Virtual Assistant Button PhysicalOnly the Chinese version of the version we tested with local ROM is available.

My Imix 3 design

In the future, and as Xiaomi told us, he hopes he wants more languages ​​as well A button that can be used with the Google Assistantsomething that will make it much more useful nowadays.

Other frame elements nanoSIM card slot (double) and USB-C loading port Surrounded by both speakers, if it's the case, just one of them is real.

Hidden auto camera

For many potential buyers, the main feature of the Mi Mix 3 design is the second camera lock and activation system. Here is not irrelevantnot big nor small

In this design, Xiaomi has chosen to integrate with this system The cameras appear when you climb the Mi Mix 3 back upwards Different and be careful with privacy. The second one is the only thing that keeps the system tested day by day.

My Mix 3 camera slider system, as it is implemented, has not convinced the functional level but has earned me privacy

The system is really curious, but I am afraid that, as implemented, it is more important that curiosity is more effective than the result.

First of all, thanks to the slippery glasses on the one side, the sliding "side" camera system on one side We do not do much work if the panel is too strong. Indeed, enough strength. And, in any case, it takes more time to open the camera in his hand, instead of leaving it on the other side and helping it, with something that has become impossible with Xiaomi Mi X 3 Mix.

Screen opening

But despite this, the attempt to open the system activated on-screen system allows us to press an app and, in the end, two-hand operation must be returned.

A slippery system also conceals a front speaker and, when it is open, shows the dirt that accumulates in the pocket of the terminal.

It will be a loudspeaker, when we receive a call, we will arrive at the screen to accept it. Yes, as in the old days of the phone, even now, in the version we have tried in English, functionality is not implemented yet. If we choose the most commonly used voice, if there is no problem with the sound, we have a fully functional speaker on the edge. It's one of the features of Xiaomi, called "clear and loud sound".

The sliding camera system is still semi-defined. In fact, when we finished the review, it was an update that allows us to configure other uses over the delivery of the cars

As for the operation, when accessing the camera directly into the locked terminal, the image gallery can not be accessed. Logical However, the system does not accept when the camera opens, we use the fingerprint reader to identify us and access the gallery. This step is only possible to slide on the screen and enter the PIN code, we have chosen the model or our fingerprint directly.

Slippery screen

And if we lose them face identification system? Or In this case, at the same time, while activating, the opening of the external camera will not lead directly to auto mode, but it is commonly introduced to the system. The default configuration is when face recognition is turned on, beyond Xiaomi's warning, although it does not provide too much security, it's very fast.

The registration of our faces is done only by means of a photograph, the movement of scanners is not the same as usual. At least Xiaomi warns us that our suspicions about security of this identification are justified, and precisely because no one in my environment has been able to go through me, it was a fairly easy task with a new photo, allowing Face ID to access the Xiaomi system. Be careful with this

My Mix 3 face recognition system is very fast, but it is not difficult to mislead or work (logically) if there is no "open" screen system

At this time, using a slippery camera system, I do not think it's worth the effort, it does not matter what the screen tiles hate. At least implemented. In fact, we have achieved a system update in the review (already completed) to add an option in the terminal menu. This allows you to set the gesture to open and enable auto mode, directly launch an application or access control panels with a shortcuts as the control center.

Slider modes

In the end, the operation of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 attracts attention shakesIn my hands I had the most powerful ever. However, in my case, I usually keep my keys and active items in silent mode, I have to deactivate it, but also the environment. He also estimated acoustically. Needless to say, the danger of this powerful vibration escapes from the place where a terminal goes.

Screen for AMOLED and FullHD + for loyalty

Except for the slider separation of the camera, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has a high manufacturer range of 2018. The screen is one of these repetitive elements, but also secure.

The only problem with the AMOLED screen of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is always in an almost anecdotal display and the resolution is not beyond FullHD + in a terminal that wants to be the most important and ambitious of Xiaomi

My Mix 3 panel type AMOLED with a 6.4 inch diagonal and this distinction does not coincide with this model beyond XHI, Xiaomi can not refuse. Once in the Mi 8 Pro market, it has been a good chance to distinguish between resolution and dare with something else.

The AMOLED panel is lower than the Samsung market in global quality and configuration options. We will lose more contrast, despite the brightness of 600 nits The visibility of this screen is very good in the open airThis year's best

My mix 3 screen

The options on the screen include a reading mode that displays screen display colors, plus double touch screen, adjustable brightness and color temperature overnight and Ambient Display mode We can program it, but without any choice or control, we want to show you something.

With the panel AMOLED panel and in this category, we expect much more to do this, in order to configure at least the Ambient Display lighting intensity. The details are as follows: for example, there is a low level of lighting on the screen automatically and in some cases it is determined to evaluate the same aspects.

My Mix 3 screen is the best, with no cameras and gestures of the interface, the entire front is very useful for the user

There are three options in the screen mode: automatic contrast, enhanced contrast and standard mode. In the best way, it is automatic contrast, but we should also adjust a certain temperature, which gives the first cold.

Screen modes

My Mix 3 multimedia experience is dedicated to the sound. here There is no headphone port, you need to get a USB-C adapter that is very careful with this terminal.

In general, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 offers a quality sound, but we can not stand that part. It retains its customization based on the type of phone we maintain, but based on its own models, none of which is in the box. We can adjust audible experience with the equalizer, only with connected headphones.

Ports My Mix 3

Speakers, as they say, have a standard stereo, but they offer distorted grids at the bottom of the terminal with the correct volume and fidelity.

Up to 10 GB of RAM, with Snapdragon 845

In a terminal that emits a lot of numbers, starting with its price, the detail of the event can not be overlooked. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is connected to Snapdragon 845 and it attracts a lot of RAM.

She enjoys the model we tested 8 GB RAM, but there is a 10 GB version, very tempting with numbers. The reason for these figures has to be sought in optimization of the system, because they are difficult tasks or multitasking, Mi Mix 3 has occupied 6 GB of RAM.

Non-Frame Screen

This 8 GB RAM version, similar to 10 GB, matches 256 GB internal memory (without possibility of extending it with microSD), it gives us a lot of room to improve. We do not have any capabilities in our applications or content in our Mi Mix 3 application a priori.

In Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 performance, it's not surprising. The term exceeds the synthetic test and is ready throughout the day. Multitacting, streaming, editing apps, games … everything is misleading in My Mix 3.

In addition to being an Xiaomi-based mounter, there is no problem with the temperature of the components or problems, or with excessive heat abatement. Everything is common.

With Android 9 and MIUI 10 Controls

Over the week of the week of the review week, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has shown me that getting to the European market may be a bit lighter. According to our reviews, we've been told A terminal with a local ROM, which becomes an English interface, but which interfaces and interfaces are related to the local market.

English interface

Xiaomi terminals did not happen long ago, they touched on it check the tricks Keyboard adapted and capable of running Google services and the Android store.

We got it once A system is already updated for Android 9 and MIUI 10 Layer Controls. It has been a good experience at a level of stability, and even though I do not have my favorite layer, I like to look like Android in the likes of it. Even with all the specialties that MIUI users are using.

MIUI 10 maintains a lot of bloatware levelsIt brings some welcome like Xiaomi's AI and gestures. This allows you to control the interface, refusing enough classic buttons for success and getting another screen space useful.

We're afraid: 3200 mAh is not enough for the battery

Perhaps high-end terminals do not have much weight, Xiaomi chooses almost all the batteries presented on paper. diagonal display and short terminal pretensions.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 occurs in a special way, although it has a 6.5-inch screen, No more than 3200 mAh battery drums. These figures turn into real autonomy at the end of the day without having to go through soldering and charging.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 points is a weak element: battery. A screen that lasts more than 4 hours is not guaranteed at the end of the day if the terminal users are intensive

During the days we asked for, we could not charge the battery before reaching the night, on average More than 4 hours of screen in any case.


Xiaomi Mi 3's new good news from the outside. Exactly standard wireless charger that comes with the standard, compact and 10W to accelerate the normal low load speeds of this type of technology.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 camera

In addition to other Xiaomi top-of-the-range 2018 devices, the camera parts are known and used by the Chinese manufacturer of 2018: a double rear camera (12 megapixel wide angle f / 1.8 optical stabilization image and 12 MP Tele openings f / 2.4) , but the double sensor of the previous one (24 MP with a second sensor of 2 MP) also includes a double sensor.

Xiaomi allows you to control four camera systems with a classic interface, better balance options and simple use. Modes vary, including a manual, and among the most useful options, there are no HDR modes, AI, flash or filters missing, and only two touches, such as timer and general configuration. Xiaomi is very good here.

Screen shot 2018 11 29 06 12 40 836 Com Android Camera

The photos we get with Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 are not surprising. If the light is not complex, the results will convince you if they do not need a whole detail. In some cases, too much saturation is subtracted, and the AI ​​does not bring about anything.

Example 1

We are accustomed to having AI systems applied to the camera to stop the scene and land to saturate the image. In the case of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, we are glad that it is not very unusual, because the scene has completely deteriorated.

Right Ai Sin Mode On the right, the image modified by Xiaomi AI. Fair, priceless.

Another way that more work to be coherent is the HDR. You should always trust the camera with the default option, patiently armed and tested several times and you have to work with a bug to get the desired result.

On the contrary, The way we liked a lot is the night. In this way, we will obtain more information in the dark spaces around the spaces, but we lose it clearly and, depending on each case, if the image is artificially transformed.

Inner Night Mode Right Right night mode

It works very well both on the outside and outside, but the shot takes about two seconds to make it effective so you have to take it into account.

Night Mode Exterior Right Right night mode

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has one portrait mode As it happened in Xiaomi cameras this year, it fills up more and more. It improves in bright environments and is worse off. In both cases, the operation is not completely convincing, instead of adjusting the portrait mode to the frame, we have to play with the distance to achieve good results, something that complicates the object a bit. Opening the main lens makes it much better to close the depth of the closure and depth.

If we choose a classic portrait mode, our in-process is usually performed in general, with a small slip Blurring slightly distorts us depending on the scenario.

Portrait mode

My MIx 3 works out the functionality in a vertical way light study. Apple is a priori to the one that offers it, but in this case the effect is almost unchanged, but it is a curious effect, and patiently, we can create portraits.

Lighting mode The lighting mode eliminates the background of the image and adds a neutral effect on extravagant effects

In the case of the second camera, My MIx 3 has two sensors. The 24 MP MP allows you to get detailed details, as well as a portrait of the same camera with the same defect. While work software is waiting.

Portrait and Deviation mode To the right, applied to the subtle blurring mode has been applied

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has surprised us with the video recording. In modalities between 4K and 1080p, 60fps, in both cases, is a high level of detail, a very successful color and stabilization helps to move quite freely.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, Xataka's opinion and release

With prices that are not as tight as Xiaomi's other terminals, My Mix 3 repeats the strategy in the Chinese brand catalog. This time the exclusivity comes from the hand of numbers (at the best version of 10 GB RAM) and above all Slippery system that keeps the second camera hidden behind the screen.

Despite the doubt about this system and its true utility and limited autonomy at this point, the main problem of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is inside its home, like Mi 8 and Mi 8 Pro, as well as PocoPhone also at the bottom of the F1 catalog, right now Better options if you do not want exclusivity and it logically pays.









  • The quality screen is really "full screen"
  • Excellent performance
  • Very fast back fingerprint reader


  • The camera is still the highest reference
  • It's not enough autonomy, but it comes with a 10W wireless charger
  • The slippery screen system is not convinced. It is still a phone that is manually released by phone

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