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Ricardo Centurion silenced the silence after Coudet and talked about the future

17 days have passed Ricardo Centurión He signed his departure judgment Racing. That day, before RiverHe had a short circuit in the middle of the field Eduardo Coudet When the coach is selected in the wrong match. From that moment on, he called "Ricky" to silence and only published some mysterious messages.

For the first time, he used his account on social networks to clarify his future versions: "I refuse all information about my future. I'll wait until the end of the tournament. My current team is racing, farewell. "

The decision to cut off the silence of a 26-year-old footballer emerged in recent days as a rumor and a new footballer. Godoy Cruz de Mendoza what is left in this semester At the same time, Central Rosary, as the president acknowledged as he did in a conversation. According to what the athlete himself says, there is no possibility of running.

The midfielder has not reversed the decision of "Chacho" after the leader said monumental: "Centurion is not playing with me". DT shortened his word, when he attempted to apologize when he was not trained with the reserve and did not receive it last week.

Unless enough of this environment, "Centu" arrived in the second session, with a second division and the suspicion that it was supposed to be held on the supposed night of some women and youth.

He bought the "Academy" 70% of your file Genuine exchange in January 2018 4,000,000 euros. At that time, he recently took his coach as the coach of the Coudet club and the offensive talent as a sportsman's key in the creation of games.

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