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Right next to it, Agustín Canapino broke into Daytona – 07/01/2019


In the state of Florida, less than four hours away from Disneyland, Interstate 4, Agustín Canapino builds his dream paradise. There's no Mickey Mouse earring or Jack Sparrow ship, but it's almost the same for him. Or better.

There, in Daytona Beach, every year in Argentina 70 million tourists must participate, thanks to the world famous parks. And we must avoid waking up after the workout weekend. "It's spectacular and totally unexpected. We're all in the paddock of America, and it's not a coincidence," said reefs ranked in eighth position in the selection of karts, and in the DPi category (Daytona Prototype International).

Daytona 24 hours, Canapino was the first internship to participate in this weekend, closed to classify the pits. But nothing that defines something before the 26th of this month, but Juncos Racing from the Ricardo Juncos Argentinian team will know the good platform.

Canapino Cadillac on the 50 wheels (photo: Juncos Racing)

Canapino Cadillac on the 50 wheels (photo: Juncos Racing)

In the mythical design Daytona International Speedway, Agustin on Friday, fourth, he was amazed by eleven (including) and the main facet of the other two competitors in the box that made the location began. Austrian Will Owen and Kyle Kaiser and Rene Binder.

Saturday Cadillac was fastest five times a lap and on Sunday, in post-training, he returned to qualification, and he won 1m34s796 season and finished 8th. Canapino is the protagonist of this type of competition, for example, Juan Pablo Montoya (three times the winner's test), the three-tenth of the first Formula 1 in Colombia and Jordan Taylor, in 2017. He was a Polish owner in 2018.

Juncos Racing arrived with limited targets, as four private cars (as pilots were given to sponsors), in theory, they began to create lesser chances of seven official car teams than their own quoted owners and their recruited riders instead. . And yet Canapino and private companies were not the best: officials were very close to the fastest races.

"It's amazing what we were doing, better than I expected. We know the car and our strength is not the fastest race, but the rhythm of the race is very important in a 24-hour contest – cars are better than imagining this type of competition. they are, "said Canapino, who lives on his Disney version and does not want to wake up that dream that promises more chapters.

More than one, even Indy Car is supposed to dream of the most important category in the U.S. But we must step by step …

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