Monday , August 15 2022

Rio Negro WLS 2018 participated in the World Lottery Summit


The Rio Negro lottery participated in the Summit of the World Lottery for the 2018 Games, focusing on new opportunities, new technologies used to improve citizen services. the future of sports betting and its regulation; How to deal with the game responsible and illegal game.

All provinces heard audiences of the subject and obtained tools for projecting the development of the national industry.

The provincial body is one of the nation's leading references, completing a 2nd grade WLA degree certification and working with ISO 27001 quality certification.

Argentina is a benchmark in terms of game regulation and the lottery can be organized by the International Association of Lotteries, Lotes, Argentinian Lotteries and World Lotteries (WLA). In Buenos Aires.

Rio Negro's lottery had a strategic participation in the general coordination of volunteers around the world for the organization of the event. In addition, Lottery workers were able to participate in nutritional experiences and witness discussions by industry experts.

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