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River-Boca: President of Conmebol said "football is not won with a stone or a sting, players have won in court" – 11/26/2018


The meeting next Tuesday, the president of Boca y Río de Paraguay, Conmebol's leaders, Alejandro Dominguez He wrote a letter, repudiated on incidents that happened on Saturday: "Football is not rocked or attacked; court players have won".

In addition, Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio and Daniel Angelicii, and their leadership colleagues, called "They understand that their responsibility in their hands is more than just the interests of the colors and their partners"First of all, they are responsible for South American football, they often criticize and criticize our countries, but they are appreciated by the rest of the world," he said.

Full Letter:

"On Saturday, November 24th, he will remember the world soccer history for the wrong reasons. CONMEBOL Libertadores was supposed to have the final memory in the last round format. In the end, it was a day when we needed to fill out sadness and embarrassment. He needs a deep reflection and serious self-criticism in all homes, not just football, but also society.

Although signed by the two previous agreements, CONMEBOL and the president of all the alerts issued by the security officers, the stadiums and the surroundings were the scene of an irrational violence and apparently no punishment for players, citizens, children and family members, rulers, neighbors. Vandalism events were painful. If we were to take our football, barbarism put a lot of life at risk.

As the president of CONMEBOL, I put my best efforts to ensure the integrity of everyone: from players publicly, waiting for painful situations outside the show and solving the responsibility of CONMEBOL. I called the leaders of both clubs, we waited for medical reports, we looked at institutional protocols and, finally, I resolved the agreement with both presidents for the benefit of all the participants.

On behalf of CONMEBOL, my duty is also to respond to the security of the event and the security of public order. It is clear that the protocol failed and the authorities did not measure the circumstances. Now, what is left to act immediately, to identify, capture and apply the rigor of justice for those who cause so much harm?

I also call on the leaders of River Plate and Boca Juniors to understand their responsibility in their hands to defend their colors and the interests of their partners. First of all, they are responsible for football in South America, who often condemn and criticize our countries, but they all appreciate the rest of the world.

With respect to the media, I ask the public to respect respect, equality and vision, to link events, compassionate information and erroneous views and perceptions of interest.

As I remember in CONMEBOL, football is not won with stones or attacks. The players on the court have won. More in South America with the quality of our players. I have taken note of the CONMEBOL, we have played respecting the opponent, as in the show field, stand, leadership.

In the end, we want to give priority to all South American footballers, and we strive to identify, understand and fight the causes and actions of violence against our football. It's much more than the title of the sport. All South American football players come together to end violence, or violence will be endorsed by South American football".

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