Saturday , June 10 2023

River does not want to play in the Super End of the Copa Libertadores in Madrid


Title Libertadores Cup will be there Spanish. After the draw Chocolate cake and the incidents around it monumental, the CONMEbOL They took him to the court Real Madrid

As if it were an irony, it will be a date December 9. One day he remembers Battle of Ayacucho of 1824, the A great fight against the Spanish-American war.

In this context, from the entity entity Núñez They have published an official trial, because they do not have their headquarters in the Spanish capital,it distorts the competition, harms the partners that already participate in their power and causes equality with local sports conditions ".

In the document, the organization's organization Millionaire argues responsibility incidents occurred in the surrounding area Antonio Vespucio Liberti It's the basis security operation is not enough and that's it 66,000 fans They were wounded during the stage On Saturday more than 8 hours, re-enter the next day.

On November 30, November 30, before the Confederation of South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL), River Plate confirmed his refusal to change his place. The club understands that the distortion of the decision, which causes the card to be detrimental and causes a level of equality due to the loss of the local situation.

The reason that River Plate accepts the aforementioned position is as follows:

– On Saturday, 24 of this month, the security operation was not responsible for being outside the perimeter ring prepared for the ceremony, apart from being public and public authorities of the State Administration. This means that River Plate's fraudulent incidents – and in a sympathetically appropriate way – are not the responsibility of the club.

– More than 66,000 people attended on Saturday eight times in eight hours and returned to the stadium for the second time on Sunday. Such viewers directly deny the testimonial of the show, the clear difference of expenses and the distance of the chosen premises.

– Understanding the most important classics of Argentine football during the days when the G20 runs normally in non-developing countries. In Argentinian football, and the Argentine Football Federation (AFA) can not leave it violently in order to avoid the development of Superclásico in our country.

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