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River: Gallardo holds a place for orchestra – 06/01/2019


The Beatles are not. Who stones Do not Soda Stereo or The Rounds. It's a band team dollHe conquered America and madness among gigantic fans. Now, after a short break, they will try to follow the best agreements to get the best performances. After a happy and happy 2018, the 2019 journey begins. The first stop is in Punta del Este, with a very tight schedule before reaching a semester full of forecasts and energy recharging. Can River continue to tune in?

When Baltasar, Melchor and Gaspar passed, here the King of America arrived at Punta del Este. Time with difficulty Rodrigo Mora was not included in the list, because he underwent suffering due to hip-rhythm, began a year and a half-year-old surgeon. Later, the Uruguayan communicated a total decision: the retirement of active football practice. A new one, definitely, that will affect the campus mood.

Young Cristian Ferreira and Lucas Beltran were not stranded by stormy storms, and this weekend they will fly to Punta del Este. Meanwhile, Luciano Lollo seemed to be outside of the river, he entered the plane and made the prisoner directly.

The big challenge is not relaxed. And keep the titles fighting. The local championship, a stalemate account of the Gallardo period, and the South American Recopa (Atlético Paranaense) will be the first goals. And then began to defend the title of Copa Libertadores. And even if the stage is very inadequate, there will be more than 20 games in 20 days (the first four officials will be in this month) and still do not know if their stadium's Recopa has been determined, the team knows what to overcome in their situations and against their contexts. It has a great personality.

In addition, they will see the best players (Leonardo Ponzio, Javier Pinola, Jonatan Maidana, Ignacio Scocco, Enzo Pérez and Lucas Pratto). Although they are remembered and fervent, they can revive them. These are related to consecrated musicians Time seems to improve.

In any case, young people are behind. Lucas Martínez Quarta, in defense, in the midfield of Bruno Zuculini and Julián Álvarez, can be an interesting alternative to attack, in order to take the lead role at any time. And, of course, the Colombian Juan Fernando Quintero and Rafael Borre are realities.

Gallardo is a great footballer. Gonzalo Martinez is no longer there to go to Atlanta in the United States. They're looking for repossession. The only option is Luis Fernando Díaz, Colombian, from Barranquilla. But the arrival may have a logical adaptation process. And while? If no one else leaves it, there will be no new face.

Quintero said stays. You will give it doll Juanferri 10 and driving? Colombians have different characteristics sorrow. It does not have an explosion and an imbalance against Mendoza, even though it is a natural driver. Go to the ball, walk right and strain and create a unique touch and building walls with their teammates. The goal against Boca is an example of the Copa Libertadores final.

The other challenge is to restore the strength of the defense. Defense comes from memory (along with Montiel, Maidana, Pinola and Casco) and has had a good level in many games, over the last few months it has been more than just a matter. Above all, the balls have stopped to review the question.

In short, the river goes further. That's what happened after the 2018 Monument Festival, it was the 2018 Pharaoh, after passing an unforgettable year, until he won his final two opponents. Mendoza Superkopa Argentina. And most importantly, Libertadores Copa, which was already in eternity. Festivities have already passed and it is not free. The term "relaxation" is not in Gallardo dictionary. That is why, with a lot of commitments at the beginning of 2019, the same theme is: it does not settle and the sound of music is common. Or better.

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