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River returns to work, driven by the crash that turned wrenches – 11/26/2018


There is no time for resting mind. For the River, especially the end of the embarrassment that has taken place during the weekend has to start with the Superfinal, In two days game circumstances became a key: Gymnastics La Plata Cup match for the Argentine Cup semi-finals.

The logic indicated that Marcelo Gallardo played as a champion, and the 2019 Libertadores had the opportunity to be the champion of the Argentine Cup, or the missed option, and in that case, to win more than ever. But the scenario is very different.

DT on Sundays when players confirmed the inevitable suspension of Superclásico on Sunday. On Monday, he returned to work and gymnastics must be the next opponent.

The meeting will take place on Wednesdays at 9:10 and will be essential Millionaireto search for the next Libertadores ticket. Mar del Plata will be played and the winner will arrive at Rosario Central, and Temperley will be punished. If the Gallardo team goes to the final, the rosettes will be able to be a Cup champion next year.

If the River Cup wins the Argentine Cup, it will automatically enter the 2019 edition of the tournament that defines it with Boca. You need to enter two ways. The others, of course, won the Libertadores 2018.

Next Wednesday, the match against Boca will end. But not before half, in which Gym can exhaust one of these ways Millionaire.

Next Sunday, for Superliga, Gymnastics will be measured again, but in that Monument.

Although Copa Argentina and the 2018 Libertadores have not won, Gallardo will have the Copa Sudamericana in 2019, when the last Superliga finished in eighth place.

Until now, the 2019 Libertador rankings are Boca, San Lorenzo, Godoy Cruz, Huracán and Talleres de Córdoba.

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