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River's alternatives would play Marcelo Gallardo Boca in two points

Marcelo Gallardo, Rodrigo Mora, could be surprised Source: LA NACION – Credit: Diego Lima

These are constant analysis moments

Marcelo Gallardo.

Thought and ideas constantly on the head. Drafts of his folder and assistants of Matías Bizkaia. Ink-filled leaves and sheets, with sketches


He will present tomorrow at the monument. Once again, the imponderables interrupted the plans and DT could have a commemorative formation, now it is necessary to begin its own understanding.

The death of the first deceased was a great question against Leonardo Ponzio, who is going to fight against the wounded, for the return of the Monumental is not the only question, but several. Who wants to get Ponzio? Who will substitute Santos Borrell? Will Martinez Quarta continues on the line of five defenders? What scheme will you use? But, obviously, it is a great obstacle to overhaul Ignacio Scocco's muscular injuries.

ExNewell was not in a position to go beyond the attitude of the colonists when they made their way through the three yellow ones, due to their natural substitution in the middle of the scene, for the 13th annual celebration of the 13th and 13th annual events. Boca: Super Cup Super Cup in Argentina and Superliga superclassic

Therefore, today Gallardo probably chooses a 4-1-4-1 or 4-3-2-1 system for five flyers (Nacho Fernández or Quintero)

Lucas Pratto

just like one forward. The continuity of La Boca 5-3-2 (Pity Martinez would go ahead) or Uruguay's presence will not be ruled out

Rodrigo Mora

As a beginner, Julián Álvarez will determine the possibility of other rivers on the river.

Mora clarifies the current doubts. It was not good at the second half of the year, and it contrasted with the brilliant start of 2018. In fact, almost nine months after the action of "hip hip forcing" in June. 2017 Asymptotic necrosis due to the heart of the bone marrow due to blood flow.

His final match was on May 14th at 3-1


The official Bombonera tournament and the official return took place on January 28 with the victory of the Superliga Hurricane 1-0, three months after crossing and performing the kinesiology and gymnasium. However, until supposedly false rumors of retirement arose, Uruguayans had more power than ever and with good performances they obtained the right equipment.

He won on February 2 in his 28 games (Godoy Cruz 2-2 Superliga and Flamengo 2-2).

Libertadores Cup

), he was able to confirm his level in the first four championships of the three continents and accompanied by Pratto Supercopa.

Rodrigo Mora Gallardo showed his level fell and, at the same time, the goals of Scocco and Borre were reinforced, taking into account the Uruguayan last time. Thus, in the 28th minute he played less games in the 28th minute: Pratto 39 (35 and 10 goals), Scocco 35 (21 and 13 goals) and 33 (15 starters and 8 goals). Mora won 1-0 with Colon and won 1-0 against Aldosivi, the last two Superliga games, although he replaced two.

Today, the Uruguayan aggressor arrives in Núñez in 2012 wants revenge: the definition has been lost. Libertadores Monumental tigers in 2015 to have a hamstring right tear.

It is possible that he is sitting in the seating at the representative of Julián Álvarez, who already made La Bombonera: his first professional football experience. He had only 96 minutes in the first half, in the 26th minute and Aldantes (Mora entered) won 1-0 against Estudiantes (1-0 lost in Scanned).

The 18-year-old young man was born in Calchín, a small town in Cordoba, 110 km from the capital and has three thousand inhabitants. At 11 he had a great deal of experience when Real Madrid tried for a month. But the club had just signed up to 13 years old, so he decided to leave his family and return to his home country. He went on to play football, he did Boca, and lived for a while in the Argentinos Juniors' pension, but he was always abandoned leaving behind his loved ones.

It was in the river at the end of 2015 and began its journey. The seventh division began in 2016, played in the sixth year and in the Reserve, and in 2018 he completed many dreams: the choice was the World Cup in Russia, he signed a contract until June 20, 2021 until River (15 clauses a million euros) began training, He was victorious against Talleres (3-1 victory) against the opposing team and made a professional debut.

Gallardo has chosen two substitutes or companies for Pratorte, wants to keep two confrontational experiences: Mora experience and a powerful football player like Alvarez. Only for himself (and maybe in Biscay, who is the substitute for DT suspension) is the possibility.

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