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Roberto Lavagna: "A proposal for a national union is required" – 11/11/2019

"There was no controversy on the candidates," said Roberto Lavana. bugle At the entrance of his house in the forest of Cariló. On the occasion of the meal shared this Thursday, General Santa Fe, Miguel Lifschitz, took part in that house.

"The interview was around A proposal for a national union is required in the election ceremony, and the most important candidate is not that proposal, "added the former Minister of Economy, according to Infobae, the Governor of Santa Fe, He traveled especially with Lavagna in the exclusive area of ​​the coastal zone.

Lifschitz contacted several leaders of Peronism, and admitted that this space coincided with a program agreement between different forces.

He proposed proposing a presidential candidate for the "National Union", Lavagna insisted that "no mention was made of the candidate" at lunchtime. Lifschitz said he had said that he had been an officer in the past year "OK, it can be a man".

Miguel Lifschitz Roberto Lavagna Carilókin.

Miguel Lifschitz Roberto Lavagna Carilókin.

"Has not a confirmed or denied candidate possible?" Asked this chronicler. "No," replied former governors of Eduardo Duhalde and Néstor Kirchner. And he went back to his house.

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