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Robots Year (2018): Boston Dynamics, Baxter and more

Depending on you Perspective, 2018 led to the rise of robot from salvation, or approached the near robot. When somebody ends up doing nonsensical work, others see it at the end of mankind, even senseless. (We are in the past camp, by the way.) Any type of machine, this year has been very important in the field of robotics, joyously rolling at price fluctuations, better software and hardware, and demand in demand in industry.

Then, after the Year of the Year, we have received a list of the greatest moments of Robotics in 2018, due to the continuous rise of Boston Dynamics & SpotMini, due to the rapid and rapid fall of the home automation.

Boston Dynamics & # 39; Robot Dog, Finally released

When charging male atlas robot mistakes at a rapid pace, Boston Dynamics will sell its four-legged SpotMini machine in 2019. The question becomes now: what to do with a robot to fight with humans sticks? Upload an idea to run camera security details, or inspect the construction sites. In this case, SpotMini's future career is confronted with robots around the world, as factories and laboratories have forced us to travel amongst us.

Baxter's greetings, a gentle gesture between Robots

Oh, while the robot starts, another one ends. In October, Rethink Robotics said it was folding, with the most celebrated celebration of Baxter with the face of retirement. Baxter is hard to interfere with the influence of robotics at low price prices and accessibility to become a research platform in universities around the world. Without a doubt, it will take another more advanced platform. Baxter, by the robot created by Thousand Discoveries.


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Darpa's Robots Go Underground

Baxter had a clear, dry and climate-friendly environment, but not for the Darpa's next robotic challenges machine (the same challenge was for 2015 ridiculous ridiculous planting). This year, the Pentagon survey raided a remote study in caves, tunnels and bunkers. Unlike previous challenges, the teams can expand the variety of robots that work together to overcome one of the most violent environments in the Earth.

Robots take the Airbnbs vacation

Even though robots have occasional occasional scenes. This year Carnegie Mellon University researchers have reserved Airbnbs robot rooms. The rooms were rented to teach robots how to manipulate objects in unknown environments. In sum, teaching the robot in learning the laboratory will not be cut: in order to make the machine work in the real world, researchers train to recognize objects that are strangers, like a carpet pattern. And yes, if you're asking, Airbnb owners have previously been told they're their income robots. And yes, they did it well.

Scientists help Evolve Robots. & # 39; Weirdness Ensues

As newer in the field of Robotics education, researchers have evolved in other areas of evolutionary robotics. The idea is to test pieces like the "random parts" of the "random" robot. The bodies that move effectively through a simulated material such as Legar make "furniture" with other artists. In the end, it works as much as natural selection, which often develops extravagant makeups). Robot is a potentially powerful novel for development, so that human designers would never dream of it.

Robotics is a serious security problem

This year the researchers controlled a bottle named Herb2. That would not be the case if news has not been done across the country, which operate the Robot Operating System and its unanswered security. In this way, ROS designs user-defined security measures. But nowadays, ROS has become a part of the laboratories, a concern that robotic area confronts the security crisis.

Home Robot, Where Art Thou?

2018 were home-based robotics, friendly machines, read weather and make appointments. Jibo was there, he staggered the dancing robot, and Kuri, a kind of R2D2 that runs around the house. But as soon as he came, home robots disappeared. So where are the robot robots that have given so much time to science fiction? It's just part of the problem no Now much, and on the other hand, you expect too much. But everything that might happen soon.

Intelligent robots are the Earth's leaks

Everything was not foolishness and darkness this year in the world of robotics. Just a few days after Thanksgiving, NASA's latest Mars Land, InSight, touched on Red Planet. The role of the robot? In the depths of Mars, literally what it is. So how can you make sure that your million dollar nuclear space does not get the solar system pollution? The robot keeps it very clean here keeping Earth.

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