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Rocío Olivares confirmed the separation of Diego Maradona: "We are in the break" – 07/01/2019


Meanwhile Diego Maradona (58) On this Saturday, Nordelta was baptized as his grandson Nicky Matthias, Rocío Oliva (28) the plane was taken to Punta del Estero a few hours later.

du distribution rumors During the weeks between the star and the girlfriend, the environment was circulating. In fact, it was linked to the singer Oliba Cumbia and the former leaders of Los Gedes, Rubén Castiñeiras (44), better known Pepo.

However, no separation This weekend has been confirmed. Platinum is a deficiency in the religious ceremony of the baby Diego Jr. (32) and his wife, Nunzia Pennino (29), it was an exact test.

But if that was not enough, Rocio confirmed it Faces In those deep crises that are facing your partner. "We are already impasse Diego Maradona", make sure the media.

Rocío Oliva Punta del Este. (Instagram)

Rocío Oliva Punta del Este. (Instagram)

He also gave another note Showcase ShowWhen he asked when he was in close contact with the technical director of the gold medalists, he answered: "We talked … If love is, we will join. "

Meanwhile, playing beach football in the triangle between Argentinean, Brazilian and Uruguayan players ten He handed it over Faces for the next days I would meet Maradona.

"I will see these days, and we will talk about our relationship. You do not know two of us, how will this be, "said River Assistant, along with this event Barby Franco (27), the lawyer's wife Claudia Villafañe (56), and Fernando Burlando (54).

Rocío Oliva and Barby Franco, with the girlfriend Fernando Burlando. (Instagram)

Rocío Oliva and Barby Franco, with the girlfriend Fernando Burlando. (Instagram)

In addition to playing football, they can make a preview of their grandmothers by group, on the river, by navigating next Ana Rosenfeld (64) and pose for cameras next to the actor Juan Pablo Sorín (42), Rocío was cheerful and fun.

For his part, the designer Maureene Dinar (58) and friend Oliva Infamous (In America, on Sundays 20), Rocío traveled to the party Faces as well as its birthday and all Okay, but it's far from ten.

"They have moved away several times, I do not know if they will be there … but they have to make a decision. He is taking a break, "said the high costume designer.

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