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Rockstar's Seven Tips Beta tightened


Rockstars opened the Pandora box. Or he liked it more. The Red Dead Online beta, the Red Dead Redemption 2 experience, is now available to anyone with a copy of the game. That's fine, though What now

That's why we think share with other players Over the world, there are enormous unlimited possibilities, including the contacts of our friends, but also those involved in activities and misdeeds. As something insupportable, especially when we see that mime that recreates this Western one.

Now, Rockstar has begun releases of players 'reviews and has completed the list as a response to the players' comments during the latest version. very short advice when to approach the experience.

In VidaExtra we offer you not only the full advice, but also, depending on our experience, we will add the notes you want to keep in mind. You need to do learning based on randomized attempts and mistakes.

About the creation of characters


Use the generous character creator tools to determine the look and feel of your character. To better suit some features, press the X or A button to enter the custom section and use the sliders. You can also press the R3 button or the right mouse to quickly see your face on the hair face and press L1 / LB and R1 / RB to quickly see your profile character.

You can always change hair, facial hair, make-up and teeth in the spinal teeth, as well as change clothes in cabinets or stores; such as nose, mouth, and sardines are not necessarily changed. to create a character If you want to start any other character at any time, you can delete a current and create a new one. To do this, pause the menu player section and keep the square button or the X button pressed. Note that the current character will be erased, as well as its progress.

Download 20

note: facial hair is fantastic, but if you want to spend a great deal of time, you might want to see the cinematic look of your movie if you want to start the story. If you're not happy, it's the best time to delete and return the editor.

About the player menu


Press the left or left mouse button to open the player's menu, you will find plenty of practical tools and functions, such as watching other players or watching your friends, entering or forming a group, managing a camp or horses, quickly joining games or series, adjust the voice chat option (Select All to talk with all the players close to you, or to restrict them to your gang, friend or Tripula) and many more.


note: Starting, you will not have access to all menu functions. In fact, you will have a couple of missions that work as a tutorial before launching online. Do not worry, you can complete a couple of messages and your team.

About a fast trip


Go Quick Trip to quickly move stations where your friends or your crew are. You can also go to different locations on the map or use a fixed amount to return to camp.

note: Even if it's a great free ride on horseback, Red Dead Online offers competitive and even competitive levels. You will have time to tie your horse faster than the revolver to your shadow.

Opportunity territory


Visit Horley Blackwater to start the chosen land, a series of history-based co-operative missions, in which your honor will increase or reduce your decisions. Red Dead Online will bring you some other characters, fight against other illegal and money-earning people.

If you want to see how your decisions are played in the game and if you want to see how stories change vice versa, you can play it again and receive negative honors (and vice versa) decisions while you receive awards and more experience.


note: It's not money Red Dead Redemption 2It's also an adventure! Do not be afraid to commit to atrocities Red Dead OnlineAlthough they are negative negatives, Rockstar experience is one of the key issues.

About Treasury maps


When you reach 10 levels, you will receive a treasure map, instructions to follow for gold and money. Then you will receive more treasure maps on five levels. In addition, you can find another one after raiding a corpse of opponents after a raking or a lawn mute survived.


note: If you have opted for any physical edition or official guide, it is a good time with their help. You can also dial the compass of the player, of course. Do you want a little extra help? We suggest you go through Rdr2map.

About the catalog


Press the left or left of the Cross to exit the catalog and buy supplies, tonics, weapons and ammunition to buy in other places. If you prefer, you will not be able to access the Social Club website catalog.

When you buy items, most people will find it in the camp security or in the mailbox. Weapons will be stored in your horse and added to the clothes wardrobe. Horses or mountains will go to the hut.

note: If you're honest, you can not use the catalog so much. Solution: Exit and have fun!

About Skill cards


Use different levels of card categories (Combat, Recover and Defense) to survive on the border.

The Skill Card has three levels of improvement with different advantages, and you can adapt to any situation at any time: use mission cards for attack missions, weapons are essential or change when the Defense card is driving a car.

note: If you want to play with other eyebrows, you are also interested in sharing roles and playing cards. It does not do much to do with all the toys with the rebellion, then it will be more difficult than you would to do a schooling mission.

Do you want to see all the moves? Do not miss out on our first misdeeds Red Dead Online.

Having said that, ride on horseback, enjoy yourself and enjoy the enjoyment of an individual online game of one year's game.

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