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Rodolfo D 'Onofrio: "We have Guardia, Gallardo, Francescoli and Players, we will come and join us" – 2013/12/17


She sits in a comfortable chair, she needs an espresso and admits she has a pending account. And he refers to contemporary philosopher. "I'm writing a book for a day and that's why I need a tape recorder, Santiago Kovadloff said it's essential to overcome thoughts. I do not have time yet, but when I leave my plan, maybe I'll skip football," said Rodolfo D 'Onofrio . bugle. Numerous materials in number 69 It could be a behavior between the balloon and its interests best seller. But the president of Udaondo and Figueroa Alcorta are taking another step, enjoying the success of the sport's star. Eleven titles won during their time. and the best victory: beat Boca Libertadores de America in the final round. The match that inflates the breasts, but it has left open wounds. And Al Ain at dusk.

-During the summer of December 2013, did you think the river had arrived so far?

– We came to a project, we thought we would do what we would do with a team and a very bad economic and financial party. As regards sports, we would like to have our wishes, things are well done. But if I told him, it seemed to me that we would do all the things he had achieved. We won eleven drinks, but it was much more important. We won the Cup values, the words form a very unified group, which clearly shows its principles and the river that shows the image. You can win the championship, but it is the key to providing a signal of society and the river fan, hard work, effort, humility, project and values. Today, Marcelo Gallardo, players and leaders participate. Individuality will lead you to victory, but if it is not a good team, it is very difficult.

-What does River have all but won?

-It's very important. River has leadership at its Board of Directors, Gallardo and Enzo Francescoli. Gallardo is leading. The other day we were in Madrid and the players with Marcelo had the chance to see them at different stages of the cycle. They all have appeared. There were more than 13 people. The Union is feeling part of it, to be identified and proud. And those that came, wrote unto me. It's a wonderful happiness. That's what River has won so much.

-He lived a lot of pace, as the first fan, then as a leader, during his history, is the best moment in the river?

-No, no … stage is very important. But I think Libertadores Cup our children, our grandchildren, our grandchildren, the children of our grandchildren … This will remain forever. For many reasons. First and foremost, it was a final against the opponent. Then, for all that we live. Many things happened … It will remain in history as one of the most transcendent results; In Madrid, as we finished an unprecedented place.

– Have they played with the blood of the eye?

-No, we started to encircle our efforts. The tremendous merit of the players and coaches overwhelmed misfortunes. Without having to reproduce your claim outside your court, your audience was daring. Physical trainers always told me that players lost 20 or 25 points and we lost. And there is a plus: to increase adverse results, against Gremio and against Boca. The reorganization was the only final end of the year.

– Have you already suffered from the disappearance or prosecution of Angelolfo Angelik and Alejandro Dominguez Monumentals?

Marcelo never spoke on Saturday "do not play" because you do not have to have a sports advantage. I did not have Rencillas, I had different opinions. With Angelici or Conmebol. But there were 60 thousand river riders that suffered a lot. More than one person made a pocket effort or came from a nearby village and was frustrated by a group of misfits. That got me a lot. It caused me an annoyance. It seemed unfair to me, and nobody has the economic ability to travel to Madrid. Take this superclassic so far, get out of Argentina … I always contrast. Not only in the river; also for Argentinian football. The AFA should be tough.

-Angelici also said that it was a game in Spain. Did not you think that if you agreed to both clubs, should you finally avoid? Or did they not have one politically correct with Conmebol?

-Konmebol was the decision. I said it Chiqui Tapia: Argentina's Superclásico Soccer has been eliminated. River is not part of the Executive Committee. The AFA must decline, has voted. But it's already a story … You need to turn on the page. I think it's a problem with a leap, but it must be an experience. It can not be frustrated for thirty-one or fifty years after a sports show. And I mean something. When I arrived from Russia, I always said that you need to put a Fan ID in Argentina. And I congratulate Bullrich, Super League, Provincial and Urban Minister (Patricia). Being able to get rid of those who are really affected by football and society.

– Can you finish with bars? Chris Whalley, an English expert who ended the hooligan, said it was impossible in Argentina.

-We took this day, the British Embassy invited five leaders. This man was there. And he told us: "If the state does not decide, we have no choice." I think that we have achieved the decision to make a Fan ID and nowadays we can help and end the leaders. They do not have to be football. Enough It's over But we have to work together; National State, provincial councils, cities and leaders. We have to go that way. I lived in Russia. I have had to overcome several filters. It is proved that you have a good security system that is hard to complicate everything, it does not appear, it does not come. Sometimes it happens. Some are so bad, the most charming word that you can say, when they apply to Safe Tribune when they go to jail. It's wonderful, they're wrong.

-You did not say in the cave Godoy. Did you know internationally how did the tickets arrive? Someone gave it to him.

-It's true in the cave Godoy I do not know. Besides, I do not know who they are talking about. In the 2013 campaign, I made a trip to Buenos Aires and the capital. In a subsidiary of a national-related policy Pim! (sic), the two friends were told me as a bar and they were mixed with politics. The theme of the bars goes beyond football. Then we must accept the State's decision. I told the Minister: "Account on the river". In football and at the Pamplona stadium we do not want anyone to enter.

– This does not participate in the AFA Executive Committee. Do not you think about it before?

– When the list was selected, the River was excluded. Then the vote is blank. But we never felt hurt. We do not have the support of the Executive Committee. We can not decide. I have to admit that I am very positive and neutral about the management and management of AFA. Regarding the courts and arbitrations, I do not complain.

-How do you get Chiqui Tapia?

-I am very well. I did not confirm that I did not support Konmebol. Depending on his management, I have to work as a team and give more room for large clubs. River does not take part, but Racing, Boca, Independiente … are a lot of things. You do not need to see large clubs as enemies. Those who create more experiences are big clubs and the money distribution has always been balanced. This also allows us more championships. But I have nothing to say about Tapia. Then, in Argentina, let us assume that it may have different opinions. And the Superclasico was in Madrid. AFA should react. Let's say that River and Boca are not going along, and that's not so true … Where was AFA mediated? Angelici I was Paraguay, but we never fought. It represents more people than realities. We have concepts, values ​​and ideas in terms of Argentine football. It would be bad for those of the River and Boca Presidents. Many people told me: "How can we give it (Jorge) a hug from Lanata program?"

You are billing in networks.

– People must understand that the presidents must be balanced. Millions of people are listening or reading. And if we get disoriented, ask others? When we were champions, I was the first thing I was to say to the fans of the river "respect opponents". We win, yes. But it's not war.

-No Angelici are not friends, are you sure there is no good?

-Not, no. River never had a broken relationship with Boca. Once the AFA has been restructured, we would like it. But he was already there. We respect the decision in this structure.

-Well Mauricio Macri, Angelici and Tapia have the most effect on power strata, weighs the river? He talked with the great Gallardo guard.

– They have a great guard, board of directors, Gallardo, Francescoli and players. That's it already. I got there and it's just what I see. I say with the greatest respect. They will be the other power they think and they will be Boca enthusiasts, but there is also respect. Fair play and you win the best. So I do not think we should raise a problem. It's fantasy rather than reality. I have a great respect for the President of the nation, but I think Argentines have a lot of problems in their club or soccer. It's very good that he was a fan of the club because he was in front of him when he made extra management. A disease does not affect us. Reality is seen on a day in court.

Gallardo, the National Team and its future

-Don't you call a strike to direct the Gallardo team?

AFA is the decision of the Executive Committee. They decide River is very happy and happy about Gallardo and vice versa. If you're wondering, "Did you participate in Sampaoli or today's coaches?"I responded: "No". And I want to go well, eye. Russia was a tourist and I sent messages to WhatsApp Chiqui Tapia told her that it was available. In addition, players.

– When the World Cup was over, the leaders would throw out their clothes, but they had no connection.

– Those who need to participate are the Leaders of the Executive Committee. Many say: they should call D & # 39; Onofrio. I'm not there, I do not have any power to say or say.

-How do you owe it to Enzo? Gallardo called him Francescoli.

-Where did he not know that Newell's leaders would meet at that moment. If he had said that Ramon had given him two days, Gallardo would not come. Enzo told us: "Man is Marcelo da". They told me "How would a manager stop?". The decision was wise. Excellent performance, not just Gallardo.

-He acknowledged that maybe Gallardo left us one day and we have to prepare.

-And the extraordinary technician. It has all the virtues. Behavior, humility, being a imposed leader as well as being authoritarian or friends of the players, persuades their training. Take this as a leader. Gallardo has an agreement until 2021. The president is going to worry about me.

AL AIN, United Arab Emirates. Special envoy

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