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Rodrigo Mora will retire from football – 06/01/2014

All the news on Sunday in Buenos Aires. Shortly after, Rodrigo Mora was not going to be in the Uruguayan Uruguayan race, due to the increase in the area, the striker confirmed the final retirement of his football with his own account.

"I have to live through one of the most relaxing days of my life, suffering and pain are constant and I can not stop, I have not had to face today's reality. The uruguayan has risen to its WhatsApp situation and has just begun a new text in social contexts.

WhatsApp's situation, Mora announces retirement from football.

WhatsApp's situation, Mora announces retirement from football.

Although the news was amazing, it came to an end, as the complex state of Mora's physicist operated in 2017. Now, on the other hand, there was discomfort to them, because the result was dreadful.

On Sunday, the players went to the Monument to practice at the Punta del Este before traveling, but did not do the rest of the team's work. He talked about Mora Gallar, about her sorrows, and although she did not make her decision, she made it clear that she had difficulty walking her career normally.

"I have a lump in my chest and I want to get a feeling of an impossible, I would like to retire in another way, I know that complicated times have come, many decisions … But now I just want EAJAIN, my friends, my colleagues, coaching staff, leaders and the fans always gave me all the love and help ", the Uruguayan made his message.

On the other hand, the river offered a message through social networks. "Uruguay came in 2012, with objectives, sacrifices, commitments and titles, came to the hearts of all fans," a club with its Twitter account. And he ended: "Thank you very much and always!"

Mora, 31, took part in the entire Gallardo cycle. It was founded by Juventud de Las Piedras in Uruguay, Defensor Sporting, Benfica (Portugal), Peñarol and later at Defensor Sporting, at the University of Chile in a short space of time.

River, Mora played 184 games, scored 41 goals and won 9 titles. Among them, the 2015 and 2018 Copa Libertadores, 2014 South American and Argentine Cups were 2016 and 2017 champions. His final match was on October 27: Aldosivi vs. 1-0. And with his personality and class, he won a great place in history Millionaire.

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