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Rodrigo Romero's serious allegations: "prostituted me and beat me". |

Rodrigo Romero, the star of Rodrigo Bueno El Potro, the best love He had a close relationship with Jimena Baron, told her about the gender violence of exotic girlfriends. Macarena Vega denounced her and forced herself into prostitution. Baron said "in shock."

"I worked as a prostitute, he suggested to me"Vega revealed the program Los Angeles in the Morning (Three). The Vega and Romero couples are six years old and have two children. All the time, Macarena said, the 30-year-old actress began violence.

"When I began my relationship with Rodrigo I started working as a prostitute, he suggested. And because I had problems with my family, I did not want to go home, yes, I said, while sleeping at home or being dirty," said Vega, still a sex worker.

"He has never worked He continued. He was never a vet, I kept it, "he concluded and told a passage On the side of the road he was tied to a tree after an argument and then threatened him with a gun. "He shot me, but the bullet did not come out"He remembered.

"After that we had a lot of struggles, My nose broke. The last strong argument in three days surprised me. (…) We were the first distributor. I got Friday, Saturday and Sunday, "he added.

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