Friday , January 22 2021

Roly Serrano announces that he will be "El Marginal 3" and will be the candidate for the Salta deputy candidate: "I do not want to replace him"

"The first one always estimates what he loves to work, then the rest comes from: praise, if you have done a good job. Sometimes it also happens that you think about the work you do and goes unnoticed. Or something you thought was horrible and loved by people. It's so subjective! ".

Roly Serrano It was thanksgiving in 2018 ToadThe character that gave life to him Marginal 2 and that, according to the actors, has broken with all its schemes. "A pearl was closed for a stage, because not another is starting because it continues, but because it is happy and I live in the world with the greatest happiness," he said. teleshow.

Installed Villa Carlos Paz, where the theater season is taking place Be it unfaithful and do not look at who, the actor announced that he will participate in the third season of Underground fiction. "But not Toad That's why they have died, so we'll have to see how it's going back, "he said to give more details.

"I've respected a good comedy and I've always respected a good drama, I'm trying to make the comedy as entertaining as possible. If you make a project of another nature, you might want to add a little more chimichurri"He confessed the confession and revealed how he built his character Marginal.

"Check out where the horrible creature was from inside and did not find much to find him," he joked and compared: "it seemed to me great. Colonel Kurtz in Revelation now (he has interpreted it Marlon Brando. I thought what he imagined, horror, war, destruction, fragile human code. The loss of humanity's humanity, which involves killing a part, is not a life. "

In this way he worked on the composition of the villain of the second season Marginal and will have some chapters in the third: "In that prison, somehow, Toad He managed this thing of absolute power, of dehumanizationHe would like it as if it were from God. "

On the other hand, Roly Serrano spoke about the political parties that will take part in the 2019 elections. "I will be presenting myself as a candidate for the candidate of the Republic of the Basque Country with Peronism"that the governor of Salta did not announce and clarify Juan Manuel Urtubey In his presidential career: "I think I represent the other interests that I wanted to represent".

"I want those who do not imagine what they get …"He added and continued: "I am very confident and I am part of a team that is already working". I think that people thought about 30 years ago. Now maybe, this time I have been able to help".

On the other hand, the country needs a change and it depends on the order Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. "We learned many things from the previous government, especially as things are true. I would like to help you as much as possible and you can work without your hand. On the contrary, those who need help. I think that this can be done. I really trust, not euphemism, "he continued.

"I want to help, I always do"He was a member of the Argentinian Association of Actors, which featured a career, and which featured throughout his career SAGAI (Social directors of artistic actors in Argentina). "What can I do and what life is in life: what I think and what I mean is that when I know who I am, two Roly Serrano is not always, I am always," insisted Roly Serrano.

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