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Romina Pereiro presented the proposal to marry Jorge Rial

Jorge Rial and Romina Pereiro A year ago and a half ago their novels began, but the complicity between them is very important because they have taken some important steps. They went together and met with their families: Roco (daughter of the Intruders driver), Ema and Violeta (daughters nutritionist) living under the roof; already owns family pet; and they were in charge!

Romina Pamela was really happy during the afternoon. "The proposal came, so good, I'm happy, I did not know, I did not know, I had movements, they planned to do something, but I did not know what was to be at Christmas, after eating (Rial), and they said: Well, about the whole family We want to talk about everything that came from, and the proposal came so it was very enjoyable, "he explained..

Asking about your reaction, television host He said: "It was a surprise, an emotion, I did not see any good eyes, Jorge, girls, Rococo, my mother, my sister … People with watery eyes were very nice". The questioners asked then asked him to marry, when he was not with other couples. "First of all, because of great love, that is the basis and builds love, trust and commitment here with others," he replied.

It helps me all the time, trust me, it implies. He gave me the opportunity to believe in the new family. When he separates the boys, half do not fear. But he was in love, in a relationship, in a coexistence and in a family question. Because it's not a signed paper, nor celebrate family unions and loved ones, "cerr Pereiro.

Remember Rial's commitment and beautiful moment to report new details to his program. Alliances selected. It is in the name of My Covenant and in its name. White gold is very easy. I have passed this stage already and is quiet, so we do not cover any foolish or magazines (). We all finished the food, we all got together and opened a very special champagne. Oh, I ask my hand with my daughters. Well, Morena Crdoba, but Roco, Violeta and Emma. Romina did not know anything, the presenter continued.

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