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Rosana Bertone: "What is President Cristina Kirchner, but rather more than Mauricio Macrik" – 11/25/2018


Up until the last moment, they questioned the budget, but finally, the senator Tierra del Fuego voted for the vote

I always told him that he ought to defend the interests of the Fugitives. After an important work, we demanded a request from the Government to abolish a decree that would allow the petrochemical industry to return tax benefits and to restore jobs. There are also changes that give us a very interesting view of the electronics industry. The rates changed and AFIP sentiment was corrected, so the companies can compensate the balances with other taxes.

Tierra del Fuego governor, Rosana Bertone.

Tierra del Fuego governor, Rosana Bertone.

Can you change the sound fund order?

We will continue in the court to be followed by the court and in court. In fact, the Government gave us the funds we received, despite the need for resources, from the outset we call judicial action.

The governors that contributed to the budget marked them as "treacherous".

I'm tired of that dog, on the one hand, blows and other treacherous. We do not have one thing or another, we want to institutionalize it, the person in charge, but the president must also be heard. People have trouble and leadership is resolved. After the agreement with the nation, my province can be put in the same position as Vaca Muerta, the reality is: we have the same potential in terms of jobs, we can also research and import, in Argentina today, Propylene, Methanol, Urea. One of the main problems I have in the province is the lack of work and layoffs, of course, to defend my people?

Several times, the government criticized "lack of sensitivity"

And I still do it. You must have a country pattern. What is Mauricio Macri? I wanted it or not, but today I do not see. Emergencies are permanently blocking. The current rate is impossible for any industry to develop. I do not like the IMF's central bank offices, on the other hand, to rent. To lose independence!

Is Cambiemos's management surprised?

Yes, of course. In Chile, Sebastián Piñera is the right government, but it is government. This is incomprehensible: there is no direction, there is no pattern. As it has been said, it has been the best team of over 50, and nowadays, they do not know who the officials are.

Does something positive stand out?

Vaca Muerta's policy began with Miguel Galuccio and he continued his management.

And can Peronism win in 2019?

Yes! The Peronism wins in 2019, give me the sign (laughter).

However, they are now distributed

There is currently no leadership and that is a difficulty in organizing it. In any case, we have started the electoral process and I have had the expectations that we face in front of.

Who would you like?

Many have the opportunity. Juan Manuel Urtubey (Salta) is interesting, Sergio Uñac (San Juan), Juan Schiaretti (Córdoba) … There are many and maybe others are created.

And Sergio Massa?

I'm getting to know each other, but someone else might have a chance.

Have you entered this space with a long photo of Massa, Urtubey, Schiaretti and Miguel Angel Pichetto?

I look forward to a wide pelota court, everyone. Peronists have vocation power, we will not deny, and we have always had limits. We need to make a synthesis with each one and recover it in key weight, such as Cordoba and Santa Fe, to be competitive.

However Alternative Argentina limits them. Urtubey said that the partner of Cristina Kirchner was "overwhelmed".

I think that there is an election mechanism that is STEP to consolidate candidates for the best use. It is a valid tool, and if we do not take it, Macri will first try to eliminate it. There is not a single perspective, there is a visual view and we have to fix them.

Do you think that Cristina Kirchner's STEP is included?

I would not interfere in any way. In 2003, the position of the party competed in three strips, it was a way of solving the situation and I think that I am in that debate. For me, there is always a possibility in the second round to see the limitations of each one. I'm not anti anything.

Did the Board of Magistrates deal prevail in the unit?

Yes, the idea of ​​talking and talking was a step by step, and I think it is absolutely necessary.

Do you want to be a former President?

His decision is very personal. I think there are many others, as we have mentioned, that they have interests. But if you want to build a chance for Cristina, it has the same chance and maybe it's a chance. But while there is no demonstration, it's hard to know what you want to do.

And if he thinks himself, he'll be president again?

I can not find out yet, there is a lot to discuss. The government is depending on how well it manages to handle the crisis: whether or not to elect a voter or discard them. I now believe that President Kristina is more likely than Macrin to be more than Christ. If the situation is so bad, what will people do? It will not be bad. If Macri is not correct, anyone will have it. That is why I do not see the election as obvious as the government wants to propose.

Self-criticism goes beyond the image that Peronism creates.

We have to recover the sensitivity and, I believe, many have a relationship with the Catholic Church and the Evangelist. It is important to recover spaces and territories. We could not interpret the area's claim, the industrial sector …

Do not you think that the PJ does not have a corruption agenda?

Transparency agenda is missing, as in Latin American popular parties. It is a debate and self-criticism facing society. But at this moment it is not crucial, maybe it was in the past, but now you are worried about how you live someday. I think there is a great economic component.

Do you think Macri should sacrifice his election and put another person in it?

In 2015, they gave advice to Marcos Peña and Durán Barba, but I think that the good electoral strategy in the past had been successful.

What was the 2015 bad strategy?

It is not enough for the candidate Daniel Scioli, who did not help in that province and had a candidate (Carlos Zannini), where he was hunted and lost an important neighborhood in Córdoba.

Last year, Tierra del Fuego hit Kirchnerism. This year

We work for the unity of Peronism and we are achieving this. I want to be a very large electoral fronton, where we all are not Peronists.

In his province never the Peronist government ever rebuilt

Yes, it's stigma. We are a provincial, never renewed the President of the PJ. I have this challenge and also create an alternative to build new leaderships. That is why I have warned in many provinces that it is a leading party, and no one else.

She was a woman to receive a woman from another government

Tierra del Fuego is a strong feminine footprint of politics. Many women are involved and very interesting. President of the Constitutional Constitution for the Constitution was a woman: Elena de Mingorance, of Fueguino Popular Movement. In my opinion, she was born in a native of a woman such as Elena, although she has a strong and committed personality, although she is valued at roughly.

Is macho politics

Unfortunately, yes. Despite the great developments in Argentina, we still do not need. The situation of poverty experienced by Argentinian women with their children, that is, a profound effect, would be different if there were more women's leadership.

In which state do you feel

It would not be possible because they suffered love, they always gave me the options and I respected them. But I see it in general, it is a lack of opportunities that reflect everything. What is the cost of obtaining certain positions? For example, if there is a significant involvement of the senator, interviewing always has men. It is also seen in the business class of our industries and companies.

Do you think this coincidence will open the way?

I love to accept parity, it was a must. You will bring your discussions but it will be very good.

In the 2019 campaign, the problem of abortion will be reversed. You were against

I was personally opposed but I believe that my groups can have freedom because they are a matter of consciousness. I truly believe that faith is very important to me and to talk about this little politician. I pray for the gospel every day, I do not say any problems.

Churches and states are not separate issues?

I see that many of these problems are very serious, I think that this link is needed. Not only with Catholic churches, but also with evangelists, that states do not accept many people. Today, to show faith in general, it's not just Catholic because something is wrong and it's good for me.

You spoke against Malvinas Government policies. What do you think about the words of the Foreign Minister, Jorge Faurie, who mentioned "people" "Malvinas".

One of the Canary Islands has a bad faith or has confused everything, because it is not a town, it is the population established in the Malvinas Islands. One of the Canaries states that we have a claim from the United Nations that it is a very serious predicate. We had the opportunity to work in another way after Brexit's departure and to seek help from European countries. I worry about losing Latin American support. In my opinion, leaving behind the sovereignty claim, threatens the threat as a legitimate governor of the Falkland Islands and Argentina.

Look at the past "Gringa"

When she was a girl of Rosana Bertone, the grandmother's grandmother, at the age of 12, recorded the phrase: "Life can be a great thing or it does not go by any means."

These words, without a medium term, were marked by Governor Fuegian. "Surprisingly, he was very strong but marked a lot," he admitted, his parents, he says, "was a very committed" and took family influences into politics. "I started a military teacher and social sensitivity to what attracted Peronism," he says.

"La gringa", as his friend says, was born 3,200 kilometers from Tierra de Fuego, in the town of San Salvador (12,000 inhabitants) in Entre Rios, Santa Fe station, a PhD in Law at the Litoral University. , and in 1997, at the age of 25, he was in search of the province at the end of the world.

"The economic situation was very bad, it was difficult to reach Santa Fe. We went to Tierra del Fuego, some friends told me that I would be there and that PJ had options," he remembers. .

Heir to the immigrant – he was a German grandfather of his father Italian and his grandmother – in his family, he said he instigated the values ​​"struggle, sacrifice and effort". Perhaps, it was the hardness of the bull when the House of the Governor failed two failed attempts (one as vice). In his WhatsApp profile Mahatma Gandhi has a sentence: "They did not listen to them first, then they make fun of you, then they attack you and finally win."

Before becoming an agent, he worked as a lawyer to join the Institute of Housing of the Province of Tierra del Fuego. From there, he went up to the Council of Deputies, in the twelfth term, and then to the Senate. "Legislative experiences helped me grow and I gave negotiation tools."

But management is undoubtedly the one that most likes it. I'm "Doer I'm" defined. "While I was a lawyer, while I was traveling through the week, I asked Fuegiei to do some papers, some of them unusual. I used a prosthesis leg, for example, or a driver of the capital's solution," they say amused.

It keeps pace with activities and admits it does not return to the past. The slogan that he chose as a response to the questions and answers ping-punch of his response was one of the most delayed slogans that he chose: "I have not focused on the past, I am always here or in the future," he said.

It is Catholic and has strong links with the Church. Last year, the legalization of abortion denied and voted against marriage equality in 2010.

He is divorced and shares his "little" in free freedoms and shares with his daughter, Macarena, 23, a psychologist. "He holds the honorary title of El Salvador's university," he says, "in social media, daughter will be offered in bidding." We have a pleasant relationship, mother and daughter, that I am not his friend. Limits, but thank you, I'm proud. "


Rosana Bertone (46 years old) is an attorney at the Litoral University, in Entre Ríos. He is divorced and has a 23-year-old daughter. In 1997 he moved to Tierra del Fuego, the Civil Service of the Provincial Housing Department, Tierra del Fuego, between 1997 and 2001. He was a three-time national deputy of the FPV, from 2001 to 2013. In 2007, Hugo Cóccaro was the governor of the Deputy Prime Minister, but in the second he was defeated by Fabiana Ríos. In 2011, he became a candidate for the President of the Government, losing his second lap with Rios. In 2013, he took up the position of the senator, but in 2015 he won a government election and left office. His mandate will be passed next year and the bets will be selected again


Project one: Transformed Tierra del Fuego, one of the most important provinces, is named as the Burial of Argentina.

Challenge: Fuegieta's life in improving quality in services, public health and housing.

The leader: German Angela Merkel moved forward and accepted her party.

A hero: I'm a fan of San Martin.

A dream: He was governor in the province of Fuegieta, where he transformed the province.

I will see the society: I like Argentina

Memory: My time as a university student.

A meal: Burn.

Drink: Malbec in Argentina

Delightful: Chat with my daughter.

A book: "Homo Deus", Yuval Noah Harari.

Movie: I see Netflix cinema quite independent

Series one: I do not see

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