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S & P Merval won almost 2% and earned a maximum weight

Index S & P Merval Stock exchange and markets in Argentina (BYMA) rose up 35,511.21 units, The unprecedented benchmark reference point was closed (it also broke the maximum intraday, marking the last 35,597,720).

It is also worthwhile to measure it in dollars, since the main panels came a year ago.

Daily increases were directed according to shares Macro Bank (+ 4.7%); Aluar (4.5%); YPF (+ 3.7%); and Petrobras (+ 3.6%).

The latter admitted it It increased by 2.5% oil prices, US Venezuelan oil company PDVSA's sanctions will weaken Nicolás Maduro's regime.

However, the advancement of S & P Merval occurred in a small business environment: there were only accounts $ 576 million.

At the exchange rate, the wholesale dollar recovered 55 cents (the highest daily annual increase), which was $ 37.70, due to the reversal of a larger demand for coverage.

Among the operators, it is hoped that the BCRA will prevent a short-term purchase strategy (US $ 50 million per day) from changing Leliq's market rate and / or market share. I would exchange

Currency authority "He is not loved at a high rate at this rate of love, but also delaying the rebound of activity, and at the same time putting a risk of migrating to another tranche of the exchange rate delay over time, so it would not be sustainable"said economists Gustavo Ber.

Fixed Income and Country Risk

In the fixed income segment, the principal bonds are recovered in dollars. Far, Argentina 2025 brought advances with a jump of 3.5%. Meanwhile, Bonar increased by 2024% by 0.3%; With Argentinian Argentine discounts increased by 0.5% Argentina earned 2037 0.6%.

The demand for bonuses adjusted for adjusting CER (8) has continued to be part of the weight, while BoPoMo (TJ20) sales have been seen as a result of lowering Leliq's rate.

Finally, the risk of Argentina's country, measured by JP Morgan, Eleven units rose on Tuesday from 696 basic points, 1.6%.

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