Monday , July 4 2022

"Sadness, regret and embarrassment": Does the world of football think about the suspension of the superfine?


It was one of the toughest scandals of the past. The events were recorded at the stadium monumental It was a revival in the football field. Players, leaders and coaches away mouth and River Agreed Superfinal You live in a climate sadness that gives it shame of others

Step by stepprogram Tyc Sports, consulted by several protagonists and showed a critical point about what happened last weekend Núñez. "Sadness was great. impotence because we hit the bottom, "he said Darío Cvitanich, go ahead Banfield it has a past xeneize.

"The fan feels embarrassed. The fan of the community moves away the reality of football. We never treat it laws do not improve ", Tracking Raúl Gamez, former president Vélez, while the owner owns it Racing, Víctor Blanco analyze "The fatal image we give abroad ". "It is difficult to change, but at one point we need to confuse it and give it back to take appropriate measures to harm any group." academy.

DT of pillbox Gabriel HeinzeIt was a positive act Guillermo Barros Schelotto and Marcelo Gallardo: "I congratulate the coaches how they played, I want to think everything is not lost. It is good to stress, therefore, that the decisions that are sitting in an office and the voice of the people of the football are not heard ".

Your coworker Reluctant, Gustavo Álvarez, when he continued with a more critical position "It was a reflection of a sick society, because it is a social and cultural problem ", again Adrián Arregui, players San Martin de TucumánUnlocked against all the fans of violence: "It's the disgust of others. We are Argentina and we do not want another race. We can not throw a brick on the head, because it plays an opposing team ".

"I'm not surprised It is a reflection of a country with a combination of responsibilities, like journalists, leaders, politicians and a lot of controversial politicians, "he says Colon Matthias Fritzler, like other colleagues.

"It's amazing, most The fans want to win this game"she assured her CvitanichThe sharp closure that happened on Tuesday could happen CONMEbOL meet hypothesis to take a definition: "In the end they should play Gremio and Palmeiras. We do not learn anymore. "

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