Saturday , February 4 2023

Salmon pests or a bonus on most Mid-North Coast beaches, take it by yourself


The temperature we have seen most recently in the last week is below the average and we want more winds, although it has changed from south to south. We have received at least a slight rainfall, which is definitely welcome and must be beneficial to fishing.

The estuaries, the flathead, Hastings and the tribute, continue to be the best bet for quality fish bags. The best catch-ups have come around Dennis Bridge, throwing both Settlement Point and Blackmans Point.

Blackfish have been better, and while whiting continues to make Maria and Limeburners above all, the quantity and quality, especially for those of a boat, while balancing on the shoreline can make it much worse off the back channel or head of Blackmans Point.

As usual, live worms and yabbies get better results from the vector perspective, but cliffs are becoming more and more on the surface of land, as every year it's hot. Lake Cathie is well worth it, even if it's closed.

In the estuaries, we continue to follow all the parts of the Hastings in South America, this week on the North wall and Rocks Ferry Bridge.

On the beach, the results do not match. Some Lighthouse whiting is being produced, however, there are plenty of votes. Some reasonable bream maintains an offer, especially during the first morning sessions.

The best around North Beach and Crescent Head. Salmon pests or bonuses on most beaches continue to prove from your point of view.

The last good mare saw North Beach and Lake Cathie offerings.

On the seashore shore, nowadays, it is custom-made to go to school. It's just a bad luck.

Above the rocks, little tailors are surrounded by Point Plommer and around it, while in the morning or afternoon it deserves local or local attractions in the morning or afternoon.

Lovely eggs are also decorated and offered around the Miners, however, water is rough enough.

They will last a few weeks for an endless season, since last seasons have approached Christmas.

Many enthusiastic breeders do not feel at ease at this time of year, especially with the average fish found in winter.

Little offshore outcast report, largely windless, which are the endless frustrating Anglo-Saxon.

Fortunately, this weekend they will see the acceptable conditions of change and, if so, I'm expecting a powerful patron. Unfortunately, the report next week will provide more information.

Until then, good fishing and tight lines for all.

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