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Samsung Bot, a new online line of care for the elderly, as well as in stores and exoskeleton


The Samsung conference at CES 2019 has left the news in the company's different product lines. Televisions, refrigerators, laptops, Bixby and … even new robots! Samsung introduced it A new line of robots to help users in the different aspects of the day. We have offered a demo for four robots.

Bixby and an ecosystem … with robots

Connected with your home, work, and car with new Samsung products and services. The company can control how Bixby's different home appliances control, but the Cockpit Digital, which recognizes drivers and passengers, offers new jobs or new solutions for connected cars.

Samsung Bot

This surprise has given us a new robot lineup. Or, in other words, it is developing, because we have not seen it physically. This line consists of different robots specific aspects or specific functions. For example, a robot that looks over the robot that works on the user or at the stores.

Robots for home, shop or work support

Samsung has seen in the CES 2019 event that it has four buttons from the Samsung Bot line. It is the only one we have seen and seen first Samsung Bor Care. The robot is approximately a meter tall, designed for home care and medical attention. Among its functions, we find the power to monitor the sleep of the users, we emit the medication provided in the schedules, if they should take a heart failure or call an emergency number.

This is home-designed robotTo be able to detect when you wake up or sleep, or analyze the heart rate, put your fingers on the fingertips, as we have seen. Samsung will also provide remote management, video calls, and exercises and significant music. The robot runs orders through voice, and initially, we can have a conversation similar to that of the digital assistant.

Bot Care

The other three robots of Samsung Bot did not appear, although the company mentioned why they were designed. Samsung Bot Air It is a home air quality monitor, Samsung Bot Retail It will help establish establishments in one place or another in collections. Finally, we will find, among other things, different aspects Samsung GEMS, an exoskeleton that supposedly helps us make heavy moves with less effort.

As the company itself states, this is progress of advances in robotic platforms. For this reason, we do not have the robot robots launch date, price or latest features. In the coming days, Samsung CECT 2019 installation tests will probably be more.

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