Wednesday , September 28 2022

Samsung Galaxy S10's first photos: triple camera confirmed


A few weeks ago, he told me about the rumors and leaks of Samsung Galaxy S10, which started to build the family's first units.

This means that the terminal development would end up completely and that the latest models or prototypes would not change, hanging in the different offices of those responsible.

In this way, it was a little while beyond the rendering and surface of these models, that these photos of these units were normal. And that's what happened today. As always, you need to take the images with the clip, but there seems to be no Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus version, as we will have three cameras behind.

However, there are disagreements between the two filter images and the first one shows a much smaller picture sensor frame.

The latter has a pronounced and prominent element, so it becomes striking, so we do not know if Photoshop had changed or that was the same, as that of Onleak's current filter.

As we have already said, we refer to more expensive models, two of which are still behind the camera, similar to Huawei Mate 20 Pro or similar Samsung A7 mobile devices.

It is also remarkable that in a pattern the interior frame is the same color in the background, but the other is black, remembering the differences between Galaxy S9 and Note 9.

Some information suggests that this is one of the models used to make Chinese 5G tests, and although S10 explains why there may be differences between the final model.

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