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Samsung presents the fastest internal memory in the phone world

1TB eUFS 2.1: Samsung presents the fastest memory in the world

Samsung, which is preparing to start Galaxy S10He recently announced that he had become green mark and his intention OPPO camera purchasing manager's periscope. Looking ahead, South Korean company is working high resolution camera sensor in its history and just announced the fastest internal memory in the world.

Business predicted your new chip eufs 2.1 of 1 TBIt is the fastest internal memory in the world. Samsung has confirmed Mass production started To use this memory chip for next-generation mobile applications.

World's fastest memory

Samsung internal memory 1TB

The new chip for 4 years has led Samsung to bring a 128GB UFS chip for 3 years after a chip of 256 GB. With the new internal memory, users can enjoy it storage capacity to a laptop It does not need to be connected to a mobile phone memory card, as the company says.

Cheol Choi, Vice President of Executive Sales and Marketing Memory at Samsung Electronics, has made sure that 1TB eufs expects to be "a key role" Give users a similar experience Notebook the next generation of mobile devices. "The new memory chip users can save 260 10-minute videos in 4K UHD format.

10 times the speed of a typical microSD card

Samsung 1TB eUFS chip 2.1

Samsung also confirms that 1TB is eUFS Speed ​​reading of 1,000 megabytes In seconds, this is 10 times the normal microSD card speed, so you can move 5 GB HD video in five seconds. In addition, random writings are speeding 500 times faster a high-performance microSD card.

in 512GB compared to EUFS 2.1 performance In November 2017 the new company chip reached a read speed of 1,000 MB / s, until the previous version reached 860 megabytes per second. Regarding the speed of writing, there is also a significant improvement, eufs 2.1. 1TB It reaches 260MB / s. Also, random read speed 38 percent increase Up to 512 GB, until you reach it 58,000 IOPS.

The company intends to increase production eufs 1TB strong demand demand Mobile devices from all over the world, rumors allegedly expected Galaxy S10 Plus could have an internal memory.

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