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Sandleris spent the final month of December with $ 60 cents

The Central Bank obtained the December money program for December. In the middle of the month, Guido Sandleris announced that it wants to overcome the zero base of the base money it had in October and November, with a 6% season correction for December and a $ 16 billion dollar margin.

Matas Caraguti, Managing Director of Financial Management and Fit, "who estimates that Leliq is a money base based on the results of the bidder, the Central Bank will exceed the target of almost $ 16,000 million, specifically the entity." Similarly, the estimate was made by Marte Vauthier EcoGo, closer to $ 17 billion.

To achieve this goal, the Central Zone sacrifices the low interest rate of Leliq. In December, the average rate fell to just 150 basic points, one month before the fall of 730 points.

"Another aspect of this currency is the benchmark interest rate, which annually perforates a 60% rate, which is a rate that is already considered the level of activity that is already considered, but at the same time it is necessary to maintain a constant (continuous) exchange market exchange. One particular warns that the rate will slow down, "said Acot Carugá.

Specifically, on Friday, Leliq will receive an amount of $ 207,401 million and the current Central Bank will provide nominal values ​​of $ 216,931 million for an average annual rate of 59.25%. Thus, the Central Bank covered $ 723 billion in bills a year.

Meanwhile, compared to what happened with the currency in neighboring countries, the dollar dropped 60 cents a day with a high volume and 38.85 $ on average for commercial banks and exchange homes. At Banco Nacin, he approached $ 38.80 at the point of sale.

"Today, it is important that in the market there were not cash in the market of almost 459 million dollars, but with 3" exchange exchanges "and" MEP "operations, an unusual" sales sale "was registered among financial institutions: $ 400 million, said Fernando Izzo, ABC Mercado de Cambios.

"It is clear that in the last months the rate of interest is being negotiated, both in banks, local and foreign companies, as well as in investors and private funds, local currency, currently at around 45% of the TNA, with no business attraction in Letes deposits, according to the first issue, more public bonds and / or dollar bonds in different assets, "he added. specialist

In the wholesale market, $ 1,111.4 million and another 135 million futures were negotiated with the main offer, which reduced the price of $ 37.70. In this way, the wholesale dollar ends a month with a 2 cents loss, accounting for 102.15% or 19.81% in the year.

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