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Santiago del Moro goes to America – 12/12/2018


After ten years he achieved a tremendous increase in his career, Santiago del Moro (40) He will leave America. The driver will leave the Palermo channel on the 21st of December, on the day of driving untreatable last time

As he said Adrián Pallares entertainment portal teleshowOn Tuesday, Tuesday, it was an important meeting, they decided to get out of the agreed channel.

US sources confirmed the information bugle and they indicate that the departure will be "in excellent terms". "It was the end of a Santiago cycle"The reason for the decision has been clarified.

It's true enough, though Del Moro will take off for two weeks For some time, it was planned to take holidays on holidays every year. What changed the summer is not refunded.

Del Moro started driving

Del Moro started driving "Intratables" in January 2013. The image is a second program. (Mario Quinteros)

It should be noted that it is a leader untreatable I traded in America for several months, but for now its output has been defined.

Even around the driver, this newspaper was certified project is not closed With another channel and its output It's just a personal decision.

It is not a political program to determine whether it continues or another type. Teleferen talked about reality, but it has not yet been confirmed.

Next to Del Moro panel

Del Moro next to the 2010 "Infama" panel.

"It wants to make entertainment, Teleferen is the strongest offer, prime time"I went forward Ángel de Brito (42) in the middle of this year, when American outbreak rumors began to spread.

Del Moro arrived in America in 2008. That year he started driving Infamous, the program that leaves it in its role. He directed the show cycle Until 2014, aside immerse yourself untreatable.

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