Monday , October 25 2021

Santiago Solar: "who does not have the maximum, who gets it"


After the last performances Real Madrid in League, Santiago Solari The question has started and there are many questions that can be reached at the end of the season. This Wednesday will be played Club MunduaYou will not be worried about Kashima Antlers, and at least in the press conference.

"I have the same impression that I had on the first day of Cadet B and as a footballer, every day of my work every day I give my daily life, that's my philosophy and football and the way I see this work," said the coach. Merengue on the continuity of the club.

Matter Isco He came to Argentina: today we are in the Kashima party. This appointment deserves great enthusiasm and everyone can be decisive to go to the end. I love football as a footballer. My work is for everyone and that's not it, got it. Then I must choose the bad coach. The majority of the campus makes a percentage percentage.

The press did not want to ask Mourinho: I am the greatest and most respected of all my colleagues, as well as anonymous. More reasons for this club. For fear of speculation Real Madrid… Every day there.

I also told him how difficult it was to get Club Mundua and won this short competition. We give you the most important designation to get here Real Madrid He had to win the Champions League, with extraordinary reception and title again.

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