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Savings plan increases water for fees

One of the most damaging consequences of the rise of the Argentinean dollar was the value of zero kilometers of cars and the constant price of the savings plans under control of several buyers who were immersed in this system.

In this way, cars will be sold through savings plans in 2018, a 7% fall, due to the historical average of the patents, as a result of the rise in vehicle prices, against the dollar.

The Association of Car Dealers of the Argentine Republic (Acara) in the last few months saw a delay in the sale of cars through plans to save more and more cars.

In the case of confusion, fees due to price increases, the values ​​are the update of the model until the clothes are settled definitively.

In other cases, as in those that are in the state of being in the 0 kilometer vehicle, the price differences are invalidated by the official value of the list, which is used for the plan, and are also large discounts. cash purchasing access

In Acara, as a result of this panorama, automobile companies are not preventing it, and "it quickly demands, through options, extending the purchase terms, saving bonuses to improve plans and improve rates in the long term."

According to the directors of Acara, the previous savings plan is a crisis product, "it does not have any effect on debit and inflation and does not meet this function," which is why in 2018, this sales channel will fall. 7% of Patent Order, which will reach 35% to 28% at the end of December.

In 2019, Acara argued that the economic and financial variables of the middle of the year ended up with a sharp fall in sales, which meant that the sector sold 260,000 units without being sold between containers and terminals.

This number, according to the managers, "indicates sales for the first 5 or 6 months of 2019". With more vehicles stabilizing the car market for automotive production cycles, the promotion of vehicle prices will be extended in the first months of 2019. For this reason, the price of automobiles in the second half of next year will rise to "near-price cash".



units 0 km. Accumulated stock of stock for sale is calculated. Do the promotions continue?

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