Monday , May 29 2023

"Scandal and Unacceptable": China stops the genetic research on children's changes


In the case of the scientist, not only the data developed but also the "co-operation and provision of third-party" reviews.

The Chinese government has ordered Jianqui to stop the genetic research recently announced, a scientist from that country, the AP agency said.

Xu Nanping, the chief of science and technology, said that the Ministry believes that the "scandalous and unacceptable" work done by genetically modified babies is based on televised television. Jiankui's experiment "crossed the limits of the ethical moral community and ethical limits," said Nanping.

Despite the fact that the Chinese authorities are doing research, it has not yet been reported specific measures he accepted

Jiankui conveyed at the same time it will collaborate In your work "in all studies" and "third parties, review", there are no data yet developed.

The controversial investigator had to speak again An international conference was held in Hong Kong, this week, in a genetic edition, where he revealed the alleged fruits of his experiment. In front of the rugged event, the scientists gathered there prepared a statement it is negligent Ova, sperm or embryo are genetically treated, not knowing about the dangers of actions.

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