Tuesday , June 15 2021

Science knows what would happen in a planet invasion of zombies

Over the years, movies, series and literature have been able to experience horror stories, and we can think of what it was like: what would be the real threat to the zombie world? What if the deadly virus has been the victim of the prey that eats anyone who crosses our path at the same time? Would the horrific scene be post-apocalyptic?

Although it seems incredible to you, many people who may be "serious" face this problem. According to the study conducted at the University of Leicester in England, the survival of zombie apocalypse is very low. In fact, humanity does not last for more than 100 days.

The methods that came to this conclusion were not discussed The Walking Dead After an office, they used the same model as the epidemiologists. According to her hypothesis, each dead man would have to infect a 90-day-old victim, and it would only take 20 days to make the disease become a pandemic, which would be unstoppable.

But it seems that everything would not be lost, although in the worst case, if the baby was born in a post-apocalyptic flower and the invasion of the zombie was caused by blood or bruising, he has been recovering human population for 27 years

However, our recommendation would always be: you can escape while you can!

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