Thursday , February 9 2023

Science says: this is a very intelligent woman


Did you know that a unique and strange feature identifies very intelligent women? This study has proven and can not imagine what it is, read it.

Nicholas Epley has been a Professor of Anthropomorphism at the University of Chicago's Science Teacher for many years, in the process of providing human species to other species or objects and its consequences in Mindwise: how do we understand others, think, feel and want. The teacher affirms: Historically, anthropomorphization has been a childish or stupid sign, but in reality it is a tendency to make humans become the most intelligent species in the planet.

The human brain is programmed to deal with other creatures, recognizing other creatures and recognizing them as such. For this reason, it seeks to research and establish links to animals, as if they were able to respond to them. It is a way of determining whether a friend or an ally or a threat can be, for example, as a practice obtained after the centuries of evolution.

They have also been developed with us. The dog has learned to process human discourse features similar to other people, our words and, of course, to recognize our intonations and gestures. A study published in Current Biology has determined that Nicholas Epley's study is compatible with animal intelligence, and often human beings can process discourses in the same way as humans. what we use

So speaking with your dog is not useless or not. It is, but rather a high intelligence brain response.

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