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Science topics: The closest neighbor to the earth, spying

"I feel Mars – and soon I know your heart. With this safe landing, I am here. I am home." These shocking (and somewhat terrifying) words have been heard from the new inhabitants of Mars. Six months after a trip of 450 million kilometers, NASA's Mars InSight hit the planet on the red planet … it is a human engineering that is celebrated in the human world. InSight is not surprising. He is also a pretty photographer. Soon after landing, InSight opened the eyes of Mars. First, it was a surface image of the planet, but the camera lens protector was not in place. Later, InSight shared a clear vision of the Martian landscape that surrounded the landing area. If you have not seen Mars's vision yet, make yourself a favor and jump to the NASA website and check that InSight will send it. Unlike his cousins, in Mars Rovers, InSight is not designed to move. When exploring the valleys and mountains of Martian or looking for water proof, the plain on the planet Elysium Planitia will appear empty and quite dull. The location may not be as intense as exploring in previous Mars missions exploration, making InSight a unique location for your own special mission. InSights's first job, once all the systems are activated and calibrated, is to unpack a series of scientific equipment, including a very sensitive seismometer. It is a tool for measuring earth movements. InSight will use shellfish information (Earthquake Mars Version). Because the Earthquake looks like a landscape of the Earth, the marshes do the same thing in Marsen, creating huge mountains and valleys all over the planet. Researchers want to know how often these hidden lines are, where they are, where they are. In the next two years, InSight will experience hundreds or thousands of therapists to offer valuable information on the planetary material. This will give some insight into the way Mars's planet has created and changed over time. InSight will not be monitoring Mars's solutions. In addition, the surface of the planet deepens the work by measuring the internal heat. The collected data might be able to respond to the question whether the kernel is running. Along with drilling and marsup tracking, InSight will also feature other types of data. It will measure wind speed, temperature and atmospheric pressure on the surface of the planet. And, of course, it will send home more beautiful photos. In an early tweet, after arriving in Marsa, InSight said: "Here is a quiet beauty here. Look forward to rewriting my home." Many of us are living here on Earth, because InSight allows us to discover the closest neighbor. Read more Science topics: Chromosome reactions look cool Chromosome counting is a good balance The zombie ants are a real deal.

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