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Scientists blame Bariloche for manipulating information about the death of Rafael Nahuel – 10/01/2019


They were prosecuted by the Fiscal Jubilee Bariloche Atomic Center The Federal Ministry of Justice investigated the information key, when Rafael Nahuel died, he died in Mascardi in 2017 in a prefecture operation.

In a report, it is worth mentioning that experts have been hiding in a report by young people the remains of gunpowder in your hands.

bugle The document was agreed upon in a document reserved for the Forensic Engineering and Chemistry Service of the Tax Prosecutor's Office (CIF) Public Ministry of Saltahe denounces it Material characterization department (Middle of Bariloche) manipulated the distribution of data, involuntary presence is not intentionally at Nahuel's ends.

They were dust particles detected Atomic Center experts, though "Not informed"Salta finished.

It is the official version of the Albatros teams, which will be paid on November 25, 2017 armed struggle At the top of the property, this young man died.

His decision yesterday, in which Five albatrosses have been processed and Maputxeak Lautaro González and Fausto Jones Huala escapeesBariloche, the federal judge Leonidas Moldes, emphasizes that it can be consulted according to court events Crimes against scientists.

"It is also worth mentioning the detection and analysis of other distinctive and coherent particles, although they were not reported," the magistrate details, presented to the federal judge, Gustavo Villanueva, subrogated in March 2016.

"Article 7.1.4 of the reference standard for the study indicates that consistent particles are capable of binding to one set," adds Moldes.

According to experts at Salt Lake, the DCM team did not match Nahuel's particle chapters (raw data) and less than those found in Jones Huala and Gonzalez.

In its resolution, Judge Moldova retrieves the abundant presence of fulminant sand Mapuche clothes Found in new studies.

"The CM Technical Report does not mention that these three elements may contain a combination of two combinations (Sb, Ba); (Pb, Sb) and (Pb, Ba) that do not have (Ba, AI) and those that do not have (Ba, Si, Ca). Particles coming from lead-free primers are not considered in the study, "says the SIM document.

So it shows that it is a gap and inconsistency Bariloche report. That is, barium, antimony and lead nitrate particles were not mentioned.

DCM surveyed 52 samples in about 11 people. Three civilians and eight other Albatross.

This newspaper affirmed that the judge had already taken notice of Villanueva lack of ethics In Barilochenses, and what legal measures might be considered.

However, at the end of November, Moldes again took up the case. "It's true very serious, Scientists detected particles, but they did not report, and now the Salta and the National Gendarmerie tests have confirmed the presence of dust particles, "said Fernando Soto, legal adviser to the Ministry of Security, directed by Patricia Bullrich.

The DCM Director, Dr. Adriana Serquis, is well known Adherence to Kirchnerism. He called on his Facebook Macri government "Dictatorship". Clarín wanted to communicate with the authorities at the Atomic Center. There was no answer

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