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Scientists explain why we overeat

The researchers at the Max Planck Institute in Germany have explained why people eat it. The study was questioned in Periodontal Metabolism.

EurekAlert portal is based on the release of brain dopamine, a hormone that creates a sensation of pleasure. Experts suggest that the release of this hormone doubles when sending a meal: when eating and drinking food.

Dopamine release two peaks

"With the help of a new tomography technique with positron emission, we did not find two peaks to release dopamine, but identified specific brain regions related to these warnings," he said. Director, Marc Tittgemeyer.

There were 12 volunteers in the research, some of them had tasty drinks and others were bad solutions. If data were analyzed, scientists wanted to get a tasty drink, when dopamine was less damaged when it was in the food stomach.

"On the one hand, the release of dopamine reflects the subjective desire to consume our food, and on the other hand, our desire seems to release the dopamine caused by the intestine," said another researcher, Heiko Backesek.

For this reason, the study concluded that suppressing dopamine induced in the intestine implies that it may cause too much of the desired products. "We continue to eat free dopamine until it is released," he concluded.



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