Saturday , June 10 2023

Scientists have a condiment that improves cardiac performance


Turmeric has a very beneficial heart. Its consumption improves the capacity of this important body to overcome a strong physical body, according to scientists.

Turmeric is a curry ingredient, Indian color intense color. A group of scientists from Nebraska University (USA), led by Ahmed Wafi, have shown that sustainable consumption helps strengthen muscle tissue, especially heart. The results of the study have been published in the journal of Applied Physiology.

"We have shown that curcumin increases the activity of the Nrf2 gene, which is responsible for tackling oxidative and other muscular heart muscle cells to significantly improve the quality of life of people with heart problems." Ahmed Wafi explained.

While scientists experimented with laboratory mice. The coronary artery of the rodents has been severed, keeping the continual fullness of the left ventricle and not more than half of the standard blood volume. These heart disorders, as experts say, mimic what happens in the hearts of people with the most common form of heart rashes.

In this pleasant situation, these disorders do not affect the life of a person; However, the least effort is to overload your heart quickly.

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The observations showed that condoms have significantly improved the work of rodent heart. Once consumed, laboratory animals could be larger than 1.5 times more than those that did not feed turmeric, and at the same time 20-30% faster.

The most interesting thing is that mice that suffer from heart problems are also used to improve endurance skills.

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