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Scientists have questioned the existence of Mars's liquid seas


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Some evidence of the existence of Mars liquids may be incorrect

The scientists at the California Institute of Technology could find that incorrect treatment of data obtained by Mars Reconnaissance Orbit could be identifying what the hydrate salts are in the red planet, writes about Telegraph.

This means that some parts of Mars, at this time, recognize the presence of liquid water and the conditions of life's existence, which can be dry and intense.

Experts have encountered a problem in mapping Hydrocarbon Hydrocarbons, based on the information obtained from the infrared and low-infrared radiation (CRISM) spectrometer. Perchlorates lowers 80 degrees water freezing water, which makes it possible for liquid water in Marsen. The presence of Mart's soil perchlorates was detected by NASA, Phoenix and Mars Curiosity Rover.

The presence of planetary minerals has been investigated by researchers on the surface of different wavelengths, because they chemically absorb and clearly reflect a particular way. However, the CRISM cameras did not always do the same, as well as the result of the light emission detection. The algorithms for correcting these errors, on the other hand, perchlorate the wavelength in the same spectrum.

After the CRISM algorithm adjustments, the researchers also considered the smallest remains of the perchlorated skin of Mars. Perchlorates covered almost the entire red planet. A deeper study reveals salt, although it does not look geologically.

Scientists say some data on Mars's superficial perchlorate have been erroneous. Researchers emphasize that this does not mean the red planet salts, but it's harder to find it


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