Friday , February 3 2023

Scientists point out that brains are planning to & # 39; its future


At Berkeley University of California (United States scientists) the brains have been found with two "& # 39; He uses them to make predictions made in different parts of that organ.

This research suggests "there are two ways," but the brain system "does not exist", but said that "they are actively foreseeable in the future," said the researcher, led by specialist Assaf Breska. Science Daily Portal

Thus, one of these internal mechanisms is based on past experiences and is related to the cerebellum, the other is related to rhythm and basal ganglion.

Rhythm-based system "is sensitive to periodic events, such as language and music". On the other hand, "interval systems offer a more general predictive power, even if they are not rhythmic signals corresponding to regular regularity".

We expect the example of a first situation to move before the first release of the music, and the second will light the second part of the accelerator pedal while the second lights up. .

These findings would be indispensable for the single brain system that confronts all of our needs of the time and suggests that if one of our "neuronal clocks" fails, another can take on their own tasks.



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